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AI Season 8 - Top 10

Ryan: Tonight, the Top 10 will imitate for you the music of Motown.
Paula: I am a pretty, pretty ballerina! :D
Ryan: Remember Alexis?
Audience: No...

Paula: You look nice, Ryan. Let's go on a date!
Ryan: You look nice too! Er. Um. So Simon, are you looking forward to this?
Simon: What, your date with Paula tonight?
Smokey Robinson: Never mind that. I shall be the mentor today! :D

Matt: I will sing Let's Get it On. Smokey says Marvin would have loved it. You know how I manage them high notes? My jeans are too tight! :D
Judges: Well, that was pretty good.
f: I was bored. Also, if Kara can stop being a walking cliche for a day, I would love it ever so.

Kris: Smokey laughed after I sang How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) during the prep...
Judges: We love you, man. The camera loves your pretty, pretty wife.
f: I liked his outfit. I also think the wife-closeups are an attempt to manipulate votes.

Scott: I totally don't care what Paula said (nothing personal), so I will sing You Can't Hurry Love at the piano! SURPRISE!
Judges: Meh.
f: yawns.

Megan: Smokey said my rendition of For Once in My Life was very different! I'M SO GLAD HE LIKES IT!
f: oh, honey, when someone says "it's different", it doesn't mean they like it. >.>
Judges: ...
Megan: Well, I liked it. And my fans will save me!
f: ... *strikes her through on favourite list* No.

NOOP DOGG: I will sing Ooh Baby Baby! And I'm a total Smokey fanboy! I am so cute!
Judges: That was pretty good!
f: You know, I am not into this kind of music at all, but that was so sweet. :">

Michael: Ain't Too Proud to Beg is the song I'm singing. Because I realise I suck at this and hopefully this song will convince people to vote for me! And if that doesn't, I'll cough at the end! For sympathy! It worked for Megan!
Judges: That sucked.
f: Complete and utter mess.

Lil: I chose Heat Wave, styled my hair in a different way, and wore a pretty dress. :D
Judges: Not bad. But you chose the wrong song.
f: I like her. I was not super-impressed with this performance, but I really hope she stays. :)

Adam: I shall attempt to do justice to Tracks of My Tears while dressed like Elvis.
Judges: Best performance of the night. Seriously.
f: Man, that was impressive. It actually looked like he was about to cry there at the end. I love this boy more and more every week. :D

Danny: Smokey gave me some advice about singing Get Ready and I took it! I also need to learn how to dance.
Judges: It was okay. Not great, though.
f: He was way out of his element with this song.

Allison: I'm singing Papa Was a Rolling Stone. That's it, really. I'm really singing it!
Judges: *fall all over themselves*
f: She's un-fucking-believable. Wow. What a voice, what a presence. I just.

At this point, I think Adam, Allison, Lil, and NOOP DOGG can stay. Everyone else can go home. >.>
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