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Bleach 351

The Lust 5

Ulquiorra is so proud of himself for keeping regeneration instead of gaining more offensive power! He seriously can't go two seconds without patting himself on the back, can he? Ugh. HATE. And he still has no clue how outclassed he is -- "stay back, I don't want to hurt you too much..." Bitch, please. And then he thinks he missed the throw instead of realising that his little lance o' spirit is nothing to Ichigo? Wow, not just an idiot, but also clearly blind! :D

I loled at Ichigo throwing Ulquiorra's severed arm at him! XD And at this point I can only lol at Ulquiorra's repeated chanting of "impossible" every time Ichigo does something that's perfectly logical given his vastly increased power. It's not even annoying anymore, it's just sadly hilarious.

AND I HOPE ULQUIORRA IS ACTUALLY FUCKING DEAD FROM CERO. Though Inoue will probably show the mercy that Hollow!Ichigo can't.

Also, Ichigo's about to lose his hakama. I'm just sayin >.> Maybe that'll happen and Inoue will be too distracted. :3

stop being so scary, Ichigo :( *frets*
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