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AI Season 8 - Top 9

Ryan: *namedrops Michael*
Audience: *in total silence*
Ryan: So Simon, what are you looking forward to tonight?
Simon: You being amazing.

Ryan: *cough* Well, tonight it's Contestants' Choice night as long as the song is a popular download on iTunes. By the way, I also host the American Top 40! Look at me be all professional and amazing. Simon.

NOOP DOGG: I'm gonna sing Caught Up by Usher! It won't be one of my best performances.
Judges: We're not sure about this, dawg...
f: Eeep. I'm not so sure about it either. BUT HE IS SO ADORABLE ;_;

Megan: Tonight I shall perform Bob Marley's Turn Your Lights Down Low. I say 'perform' because I shall speak most of the song instead of singing it!
Judges: ...That sucked. No, let us amend that: that really sucked.
f: It did really suck. I wish she'd STFU about her ~*~fans~*~ because it's just embarrassing. Honey, VFTW is supporting you because they think you suck. That's not what a "fan" is.

Danny: What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts is the song I chose, to nobody's surprise. I will also do my best to look earnest and impassioned!
Judges: Thank you for not sucking. We mean, we loved it.
f: I liked it. Wasn't crazy about it, but it was better than what he's been bringing lately.

Allison: I'm going to sing Don't Speak--
f: Oh, no, you aren't.
Judges: ...what the hell are you wearing. >.>
f: Nobody touches this song, okay! >:(

Scott: My song choice for tonight is Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are. I'm sure you're all surprised. But hey, I'm wearing a leather jacket!
Judges: One of the best performances of the night! :D By which we mean, we like your jacket.
f: Eh. His voice is lovely, but I was so bored.

Matt: You Found Me by The Fray is a really powerful song, and I'm hoping it'll keep me out of the bottom 3. Maybe if I try to sound exactly like the original, people will be fooled into voting for me!
Judges: Dude, we didn't like it when you sang Coldplay, and we don't like it when you sing The Fray.
f: Huh, it wasn't my favourite thing he's ever done, but he definitely had a David Cook vibe going up there. Very interesting! I hope he doesn't get intimidated into doing R&B next week. If he stays, that is.

Lil: Here's hoping I Surrender by Céline Dion is the right song choice this time. :S Also, I need to fire whoever told me this hairstyle suited me.
Judges: You sang it surprisingly well, but it was the wrong song. Too old!
f: I think the poor girl's been completely psyched out by the judges. :\ (But the bit with Lil's tiny daughter saying she wanted to punch Randy for being mean to Mommy and then hugging him was adorable).

Adam: I'm going to sing Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherries. No, you didn't hear that wrong. >:D Also, I'm sticking to the Elvis hair. >.>
f: GOD HOW IS HE SO GREAT? I don't think Paula's comparison to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler is undeserved at all. And he thanked the band! I love it when they do that. :) My only complaint is I wish they'd saved him for last because there's no way Kris is gonna top this. No way anyone is going to top it.

Kris: Tonight, I will try to make the dusty old Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers current!
Judges: We see what you did there. We like what you did there!
f: I like the original better.

Ugh, boring night was boring. Adam was the only one worth watching. :|
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