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AI Season 8 - Top 7 Results

Trailer-ish Intro: *tries hard to be spooky, fails*
Groupsing: *is utterly horrible* I typed this even before hearing it, and did not feel compelled to change it afterward. >.>

Lil: Danny Gokey is an old fogey.
f: Ehehehehehe. XD

Ryan: Allison, you're safe. Adam?
Adam: Yes?
Ryan: Were you insulted when Simon said you were like part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Adam: Was it meant as an insult?
Simon: Nope.
Adam: Then it's all good. :D!
Ryan: Good, 'cause you're safe. NOOP DOGG? You're in the bottom 3.
NOOP DOGG: Again. :\
f: Wahhh.

Jennifer Hudson: I'm not still bitter about being kicked off the show. Nope. I mean, I have an Oscar! And a Grammy! See? Nyah nyah. >.>

Ryan: So NOOP-DOGG, how are you feeling?
NOOP-DOGG: I'm a little surprised to be here, tbh! :\
Paula: I'm surprised too!
Simon: I'm not. Surprise!

Ryan: Okay, okay, let's stop singling poor NOOP-DOGG out. Kris, you're safe. Lil? The bottom 3 for you.
Lil: I still think I did well last night. :|
f: I agree.
Ryan: Oh, shut up, both of you. Danny, you're safe. Matt? Bottom 3.

Kara: I think that's about right, based on last night, yep.
Ryan: Okay, okay, one of you is safe... and... coming... back... next... week... and... that... person... this... week... is... NOOP DOGG~!

Miley Cyrus: Remember how last year, some contestant said that "nasal" was a good sound? I totally think his advice was awesome.
f: Dude, that was just embarrassing. If she tried out for Idol with that, Simon would laugh her out of the COUNTRY.

Ryan: So, Matt vs Lil. Lil, you're safe. Matt, sing for your life.
Judges: OKAY! :D

So next week, two people go home! VERY EXCITING. >_> And it's disco night. I can't wait to see what Adam does, rofl.
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