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0001 - I love Twitter kind of a lot. It lets me spew all the inane nonsense I want in 140 characters or fewer! I have oft been tempted to post said inane nonsense here, but I generally dislike one-line posts, especially if they're within 20 minutes of each other. But on Twitter, that's what you're expected to do. :D

I am not going to be "shipping" any of my twittering here, however -- Twitter is Twitter and LJ is LJ; they're different media. I still don't see the point of cross-posting from Twitter, and I still become very annoyed when such twitterings are not behind a cut.

0010 - It is, indeed, 140 characters or fewer, not 140 characters or less. "Character" in this context is a count noun, and it's not a measure of time, distance, or money. [/pet peeve] Don't get me started on "the reason is because" -- we'd be here all year. Besides, been there, done that; don't want the T-shirt, got it anyway. Also, wtf I just realised I am listening to the same song right now that I was listening to when I had posted that entry! o.o

0011 - But while I have you here -- not every comma before "and" is called the Oxford comma. You have no idea how much it pisses me off when people talk about the Oxford comma without having any actual clue what they're talking about. The Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma) is the comma before "and" in a list. That's IT.

Harry bought apples, bread, condoms, and a dildo. That there's the Oxford (serial) comma.

Harry bought a bunch of stuff at the Spar on Wednesday, and Draco carried it all home. That there is NOT the Oxford (serial) comma.

If the "and" is used to join two independent clauses, as above, the comma is actually necessary -- not style-negotiable, unless the sentences are very short (e.g. Harry buys apples and Draco sells dildos.). However, if "and" does not separate an independent clause, then you DO NOT use a comma.

Draco likes dildos, and the apples Harry bought. THIS IS WRONG.

If your sentence ~looks wrong~ without a comma, you rewrite you freakin sentence; don't just stick a comma wherever you like. YES, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, YOU-KNOW-WHO! >.> As a reformed comma abuser, I take comma abuse very personally. :|

0100 - mijan and fiona_fawkes are organising a mini-meetup in Kansas City in October during the Thanksgiving weekend (for the Canadians), which is Columbus Day weekend for the Americans. Please be aware that they're now looking for those definitely attending in order to have an idea of how big of a room block we'll need.

0101 - And now that I have used too many exclamation marks, I am off to feed my car. Tell me something happy. Or unhappy! Or neutral. Or, you know, don't tell me anything.


FINE. Be that way.


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