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Bleach 354

Are those seriously all the final words we're going to get from Ulquiorra? Seems a bit stingy, considering how important he was as a villain -- even Grimmjow got a flashback sequence! Though maybe there'll be a flashback sequence from Yammy that focuses on Ulquiorra? So I am going to put on my tin foil hat and say that perhaps Ulquiorra isn't fully dead. Because I mean, isn't the whole premise of Hollows that they'd lost their hearts? If Ulquiorra "regained" his heart before dying, maybe that enabled him to enter Soul Society as a regular spirit?

My new nickname for Yammy shall be "Nipples". It will be grand. Also, whoa, I never noticed this before, but Yammy's Hollow hole is in the same place as Ulquiorra's.

AND WE HAVE THE REASON WHY ULQUIORRA HUNG OUT WITH YAMMY INSTEAD OF DISMISSING HIM AS WEAK TRASH. Wow, I did NOT see that coming. Yammy is Patient 0 the strongest Espada. Wow. I love Kubo. &hearts_♥ >.> No tin foil hat this time, but I am sure that it will be Chad vs Yammy, now. Chad's powered up immensely since coming to Hueco Mundo -- though, okay, he did get beaten down by Nnoitra, so hmmm IDK. But it seems right, plus Chad has a score to settle with Yammy that none of the others do. Chad vs Nipples. *snicker* That sounds like a bad cover band name.

Aaaaand speaking of nipples, we're back to the fake Karakura Town and Halibel vs Hitsugaya! Exciting! Next week nao plz. >.>
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