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never gonna shut you out

The same discussion in more than one place? Annoying. It annoyed me when I was cross-posting in the few weeks after LJ's spectacular fail with Strikethrough, and the idea still annoys me now. I dislike leaving a comment that basically repeats something someone has already said, and when there are comments in eleventy places, it's annoying having to find all the places to see what everyone has said. Yes, it's annoying to me even if links to the other places are provided. And yeah, it's my annoyance, but it's also my LJ and my DW, so I make the rules. I have not yet decided how I'm going to split up the posting between here and DW (or if I'm going to use DW for Something Completely Different), but I am not going to crosspost. I will cross-link, but I won't duplicate the content.

In other news, I have had a lot of rage lately. Which is normal for me after winter weather finally departs, but it's annoying to walk around getting pissed off at every little thing, and I have decided I would like to channel my rage at least somewhat constructively. Therefore:


0001 - Give me one (1) topic to rant about. One. More than one, and I'll ignore you.
0010 - Don't give me dumb topics like "red paper clips"*.
0011 - I mean that about just one (1) topic.
0100 - Don't expect me to take "your" side -- e.g. if you ask me to rant about "ficcers", I very likely will not rant about how the poor ficcers have it sooooooooo hard, omg.
0101 - Corollary: don't ask for it unless you're sure you can take it.
0110 - Limit one per customer.
0111 - I will write a rant (length variable) about your topic and post it.
1000 - It will be fantastic.

* Basically, if it isn't the sort of thing anyone would rant about, don't suggest it. Or suggest it, if you don't mind me ignoring you. And if you are special and know people who would rant about red paper clips, please accept my sincere condolences.
Tags: meme

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