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AI Season 8 - Top 7 (again)

Ryan: Just remember. Two people are going home tomorrow. Got it? Good. Simon, I like your shirt.

Lil: I'm going to sing I'm Every Woman. Also, I'm really hot.
Judges: That didn't really do much for us. We still don't know who you are! Except hot.
f: I wasn't enthused about the performance. But she's really hot.

Kris: I scoured the genre and found that She Works Hard for the Money is the only song with any meaning in it. I'm deep like that.
Judges: We are at heart a bunch of pretentious twats, so we shall heap praise upon you, even if you do buy ladies' underwear.
f: ...Kris clearly missed the memo on what disco is about. o.O;; That was the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

Danny: I chose September by Earth, Wind and Fire. As a bonus, I will look like an overgrown club boy.
Judges: We like you. We really like you.
f: What are the judges on? That was boring. And he nods knowingly when they compliment him! Geh.

Allison: I'm singing Hot Stuff. And I am awesome.
Judges: Well, we don't like the arrangement, because we're inconsistent pretentious twats. Except for Simon.
f: That was brilliant. It was a bit too rock for disco, but unlike Kris, she made it hot.

Adam: I'm singing If I Can't Have You. In a polyester suit. In the dark.
Judges: *sob* *whimper*
f: Okay, that was completely unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise. Everyone expected him to gay it up, but he didn't. And he thanked the dude who helped with the arrangement!

Matt: This pimp hat can only mean one thing: Stayin' Alive.
Judges: We like you! We have to, you know, after saving you last week. Except Simon, but he's Simon.
f: He's got great diction and vocal control, but. Eh.

NOOP DOGG: I am wearing a baby pink vest (or jumper) and tie! :D And singing Dim All the Lights.
Judges: Real men know how to wear pink. :D But Simon doesn't care.
f:, that boy's got a voice on him. o.o I totally forget about that a lot because he's so adorable and cute that half the time I don't care what he sounds like. >.>

Well, tomorrow night should be interesting.
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