not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

AI Season 8 - Top 7 (again) Results

Ryan: Are you guys awake? IT'S DISCO WEEK!
f: Zzzzzzz.

Ryan: This groupsing won't suck. I promise. Paula choreographed it!
Adam: I'm all sweaty. >.>
Matt: I downloaded myself as a ringtone. >.>
Danny: I think of myself as a good dancer. Not sure if anyone agrees with me. >.>
f: >.>

Groupsing: *sucks*
f: Not only that, it's even more obviously lip-synced than usual. :|
Paula: And now, I shall flash the audience!

Ryan: Results time! Lil? You're in the bottom 3.
f: No surprises there.
Ryan: Also, you're going home.
f: Whuh?! That was fast. Oh well. I guess they're prepping for later drama. Bye, Lil. :\

Freda Payne, Thelma Houston, and "KC" Casey: *sing a disco medley and take up way too much time*

Ryan: And back to the results we go! Kris, you're safe. Adam, you too. And Danny.
f: YAY Adam but UGH Danny. >:|
Ryan: NOOP DOGG, you are in the bottom 3.
f: WAH
Ryan: Matt, you're safe. Allison, go sit with NOOP DOGG.
f: WHAT? Ugh, America, you're on CRACK.

David Archuleta: Look, guys, I've learned to move on stage!! I can has cookie? :DDD

Ryan: So. NOOP DOGG. Bye.
f: brb sobbing forever. ;_;
Tags: fandom:ai

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