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So apparently the rant meme is going to be a bit of a project! Somewhere in this is the key to how I'll split posting up between here and DW. I just know it.

General / Life
Tourists in large cities during rush hour, for best_of_five
TV, for jetamors
Young People Today, for blamebrampton

General / Behaviour
Passive-aggressive behaviour, for littlearsonist
Mistakes and blame, for micro_raptor
Hypocrisy, for norton_gale
People who don't do their research, for arabwel

LGBT Rights
National Organization for Marriage's Gathering Storm Ad (and the follow-up), for karaz
People who think it is totally OK to use the word "gay" as a derogatory adjective, for elizardbits

Animal Rights
People who are mean to cats, for incognito
Dressing up animals for decoration, for midnight_birth

People that have had their license only a year using cell phones while driving on the highway, for shouldknobetter
Bad drivers, for geewhiz, secretsolitaire, and uminohikari
Drivers who seem to be blind when it comes to glaringly obvious road signage, for thekams

General Fandom
Fandom awards, for spacefragments
Fangirls: is there a limit to it? for mellafe
Immersing yourself in a fandom from another culture but being too lazy to respect (and/or know) anything about said culture, for shikishi
The squee police (people who try to suppress concrit on other people's journals or comms), for dbassassin
Fans who write characters OOC and bash them in fics just because said character supposedly interferes with their ship, for kerryblaze
Fandom entitlement, for djin7

Specific Fandoms
Severus Snape, for lyras
Treatment of Slytherin House in DH, for bicrim
Whatever corner of HP fandom has most recently irritated me, for delaria
Harry and Draco's characterisation in fic, for melusinahp, latebuthere, and strawberry_star
The medieval-template villain in Harry Potter, for Anonymous.
Anything currently bothering me at hogwarts_elite, for silyara
Certain corners of Bleach fandom, for painless_j
Laura Roslin, for goneril
Kara DioGuardi, for clytemnestra215

This entry is to be a masterlist once I'm done, so I'm disabling comments. Stay tuned. XP
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