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Bleach 355

Azul-Blood Splash

Looks like Iba-san is okay, or at least as okay as Matsumoto and Hisagi. :(( Still, seeing them all in that Cube of Healing or whatever it is (Hinamori, Matsumoto, Kira, Iba-san, Hisagi) protected only by Komamura? Eeeek. But I have faith in Komamura. He's awesome; he was just blind-sided by Kenpachi, back in the day. :(((

Stark's about to get serious, apparently? Neither he nor Shunsui have used their release yet. I really wonder if we'll get to see Shunsui's bankai? :O Also, why didn't we see Ukitake. >.> He's probably got Lilinette tied up in a corner and is force-feeding her candy to help her temperament.

Oooh, Halibel's weapon can... shoot itself at people? I so wish Kubo would do a colour spread of these pages in particular, because the projectile is supposed to be blue (azure?)

Ugh, Soi Fon is having trouble too, and Barragan's weapon looks a lot like a miniature version of Ikkaku's bankai. I guess Kubo ran out of blade shapes? XD Ōmaeda is hilarious in not knowing whether his limiter is still in place or not. >.> That, or Soi Fon is lying for her own reasons. She does that. XD

The name of Halibel's resurrección (Tiburon) makes me think it's got a huge spoiler on its ass. >.> You know, like the car. >.> Anyway! No skeletal jaw in her released form! I guess Halibel doesn't like the jaw any more than I do.

AUGH HITSUGAYA GOT SLICED IN TWO HOW. I mean, considering Matsumoto's (reasonably) okay, he could still make a recovery, but maybe we're about to see a "good" character die? Eeep. Maybe Kubo finally got sick of the fangirls and fanboys voting Hitsugaya into first place above Ichigo. >.>

(ps. no chapter next week, apparently! Jump is on break.)
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