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AI Season 8 - Top 5 Results

First, if the name "Matthew Shepard" means anything to you, you need to mosey on over here for a video where Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) claims that Matthew's murder as a gay rights issue is a hoax: he really actually died in an attempted robbery (not because he was gay). And she said this, apparently, while Matthew's mother was in the gallery. Intelligence and class; just what I love in today's Republican Congresswomen. Now, her site doesn't accept e-mails from outside NC (because Virginia doesn't care if she offends anyone in the rest of the world; she only cares if she offends North Carolina residents, see!) This piece of shit better be apologising for what she said and rescinding that statement. ASAP. On her knees in front of Matthew's mother, preferably.

On to the recap.

Ryan: Over 47 million votes!
Simon: Everybody was good last night.
Ryan: ...whatever happened to "we're on television >.>"
Simon: I was talking about the contestants, numbnuts.

Groupsing: *sucks*
f: It's amazing how the five of them can be so talented individually but sound so awful as a group.

Epic Food Fight: *is epic*
Allison: Danny started it.
Ryan: Here's a bill for $6K, Gokey.
Danny: :|

Ryan: Okay, results time! I will be maddeningly cryptic. Matt, go right. Danny, you go left. Allison, you go with Danny. Kris, over with Matt.
Adam: Um... that leaves me >.>
Ryan: Indeed it does. And you're in the bottom 3, along with Matt and Kris!
f: ...

Natalie Cole: *sings a song*
Taylor Hicks: *sings another*

Ryan: Okay, okay, guys, come on out. Kris, you're safe. That makes Matt and Adam the bottom 2.
f: ...

Jamie Foxx: *sings a song*

Ryan: So Simon, you were wrong yesterday.
Simon: Eleven weeks outta 12 ain't bad.
Ryan: Okay, so. Bye, Matt.
f: WHEW! Jeez, America. >:(
Tags: fandom:ai, gay pride

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