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So these aren't really rants, they're more like irritated peanut gallery-style commentary. But it's the best I can do, 'cause I, um, don't really get angry about these things anymore. >.>

Whatever corner of HP fandom has most recently irritated me, for delaria:

I actually pay very little attention to HP fandom in general these days, aside from stuff I do at hogwarts_elite and doing my Saturday issue of the daily_snitch. I enjoy doing those things, and I'm still writing HP fic, obviously, but today's online HP fandom (at least the heavily fic-centric LJ corner of it) is just not my kind of place. I really dislike the upswing in the trend to treat readers as a commodity, as second-class participants in fandom or `freeloaders'. Like, there's an even greater tendency to imply that readers *only* read and don't contribute anything ~meaningful~ to fandom like writers do. Reading is meaningful, you jackasses. Just because someone else's engagement with your fanwork isn't meaningful to you personally doesn't mean it lacks all merit or that it contributes nothing to fandom and fanlore.

But! I've said all I had to say on this subject way back in 2006, really, and there is nothing so immutable as the average fanbrat writer's self-perceived superiority: for every person I might snarl at for treating readers like shit, five new ones come into fandom next week -- and I have no desire to be a crusader. The treatment of readers as second-rate fandom participants is almost never overt, but, well, here's an example: when I ran a roundtable at Prophecy on constructive criticism as a way to empower the readers and let their voices be heard on par with the fanwriters', we still ended up spending the bulk of our time talking about ~how the writers feel~ about concrit. (Which was no one's fault! It's just a perfect example of how writer concerns generally supersede all else.) So by and large, the entire fic-centric section of HP fandom irritates me constantly whenever I glance its way. So I, um, mostly ignore it. :D

I still happily read meta discussions on LJ and elsewhere, and I do read the occasional fic if it's recommended by somebody I trust. I'm still very much in HP fandom; I just choose to cut out the parts I consider toxic and only keep the parts I consider fun. And the fun parts give me nothing to rant about, because, well, they're just fun.

Anything currently bothering me at hogwarts_elite, for silyara:

You know, I didn't have anything when this was first asked! My participation in hogwarts_elite is mostly limited to my duties as Head of Staff, so on your average day, I know more about who's going to be late posting their fic contest than I do about what the kids in the main community are talking about these days.

Then the new term started yesterday, and I remembered that there was something! Namely, sorting comments to the effect of "Oh, you're such-and-such house at this other sorting community I'm in, so I'll put you into that house."


This especially annoys me when people NOT in that sorting community are unanimously sorting the person elsewhere based on, you know, their actual sorting application. Here's the thing: sorting communities are not the Sorting Hat; pretending like one or the other is more ~canon~ is simply absurd, because the only true canon is an ancient (fictional!) hat that belonged to a (fictional!) wizard; a hat that makes its decisions by looking inside the person's mind and, last we heard from JKR, takes into account the wishes of the sortee. hogwarts_elite does not work like that; it has never worked like that, and trying to claim that someone sorted into, say, Slytherin at another community will be a great fit for Slytherin at H_E is ridiculous, because if there's anything for which H_E is notorious, it's how ridiculously difficult it is to get into Slytherin there. (AND BY THE WAY, WE LIKE IT THAT WAY! :D)

But this isn't about Slytherin specifically; it's about the idea that some other sorting community's decision is supposed to influence how we sort. It isn't. That's like saying that if a person's icons or userinfo reflect a particular house, we should automagically consider them for that house regardless of their actual application. No. If someone's application highlights Ravenclaw traits, I don't give a shit how many Gryffindor icons the person has; I'mma sort them into Ravenclaw anyway -- because that's how the game is played. Taking people's other community affiliations into account is just unfair to the applicants who don't have that going for them (and so are only considered on the basis of their application text). And the comments that say "you're in [House] at [Sorting Community], so [House] it is!" always strike me as passive-aggressive attempts to influence H_E sorting, and that's annoying. :P

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