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So instead of flopping about uselessly, I sat down and did this meme (though I suppose this might also count as flopping about uselessly /o\). It was fun! Many pairings (het, slash, femmeslash), some gen. All except #09 (in all fandoms) are PG-13. More specific tagging would be excessive 'cause they're all so short.

Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or fewer.

  1. Angst: "He's dead," Hisagi tells the grave. "Your friend. My captain."

  2. AU: "We won't let the Hollows win," Captain General Aizen roared.

  3. Crack: Kuchiki Byakuya was riding a tricycle through Seireitei. Naked.

  4. Crossover: Ichigo stares at Gokudera. "You're telling me about weird hair?"

  5. First Time: "Nothing wrong with this," Yoruichi-sama whispers against Soi Fon's lips.

  6. Fluff: "I hate you," Ishida mutters without conviction. Ichigo smiles.

  7. Humor: "Why's Ichigo red?"
    Lisa shrugs. "He saw my BL manga."

  8. Hurt/Comfort: Hisana left an empty space. Renji wants to fill it.

  9. Smut: Ichigo's hand on Renji's cock feels too good to stop.

  10. UST: "Idiot," Rukia murmurs.
    "Who's an idiot?" Ichigo demands.

  1. Angst: Yamamoto's eyes stared into nothing. Hayato turned away and ran.

  2. AU: "Don't underestimate the Millefiore," Gokudera said to the dead Vongola.

  3. Crack: In the end, Squalo sailed the tuna back to Italy.

  4. Crossover: "Gryffindor!" cried the Sorting Hat, to Tsuna's enormous relief.

  5. First Time: Destiny or no, Hana wouldn't let Ryohei do that again.

  6. Fluff: "Kyoko-chan... er... thingy... I mean... will you..."
    "I'd love to."

  7. Humor: "I was extremely drunk when I put on this bra."

  8. Hurt/Comfort: Chrome sagged into Mukuro-sama's arms and let herself weep.

  9. Smut: Hibari bites into his thigh, and Dino comes.

  10. UST: Yamamoto stares at the back of Gokudera's head. Gokudera knows.
Tags: fic:fandom:bleach, fic:fandom:khr, meme

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