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Bleach 356

Tyrant of Skulls

UGH UGH RENJI COLOUR SPREAD *___________* Just relax and enjoy yourself indeed. >_>

This just in: Halibel is really, really hot. And pissed at Yamamoto for killing her Fracción (so I guess that means they really are dead, huh? But didn't Yamamoto tell them to rest, or something like that? I'm too lazy to go back and look.)

Wait... Hitsugaya is alive and well? That was... what was that? A copy he'd made of himself? EITHER WAY, HE'S FINE! :DD I hope he explains it soon, though, because I am confused. >.>

So.... aspects of death, or the reasons people die. And we now know that Barragan is actually somehow able to manipulate his aspect to affect his enemies in combat. YAY FOR A META CHAPTER FINALLY! >.> I'm pretty sure there are probably better translations for some of these, which would make it easier to determine which element of reality the Espada are able to manipulate as a result of their aspect of death. We've seen Zommari's ability to enslave an opponent's physical senses, so I guess some Espada control "gross" elements of reality outside their opponent (like time), and others can manipulate their opponent directly. And there are ten of them, so maybe this is an even split?

Knowledge of Japanese mythology probably wouldn't go amiss here, but I'm mostly useless on that front. Anyone? Bueller?

Barragan (Old age / time)
Stark (Solitude / ?)
Halibel (Sacrifice / ?)
Ulquiorra (Nihilism / ?)
Nnoitra (Despair / ?)
Grimmjow (Destruction / ?)
Zommari (Intoxication / the physical senses)
Szayel Aporro (Insanity / the psyche? Seems more applicable to Aaroniero, though.)
Aaroniero (Greed / ?)
Yammy (Rage / ?)

I'm still not clear on what exactly Barragan doing to Soi Fon when she tries to kick him -- she slows down, and Barragan says he can "age her very bones", but is that a permanent or temporary effect; does it only affect her immediately after he touches her/she comes close enough to touch him? Also, his true released form is pretty scary; I should have known the giant axe was just misdirection.

(Also it's funny that Ulquiorra had been dubbed Despairspada, when it's actually Nnoitra! XD)
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