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AI Season 8 - Top 3

Traditional recap this time; with only 3 people the MST-style is not really fun. Plus I hate Danny so much that I just ugh. Don't care. >.>


1. Paula's choice -- Dance, Little Sister; I wasn't looking at the screen because I really hate this smug face, and as a result I completely tuned him out. The judges thought it was awesome; whatever, I wasn't listening.

2. Personal choice -- You Are So Beautiful; again, I wasn't looking at the screen, but this time it was painful and I couldn't even tune it out. The arrangement SUCKED; it was put together specifically to let him show off, not to make music. MAKE HIM GO AWAY. The judges are falling all over themselves, but I just want him to DIAF. Not the least because he spent so much time talking about himself and being self-important that poor Adam had like 3 minutes, total, for his final number.


1. Kara and Randy's Pick -- Apologise; I thought it was quite good, actually -- he had a moment or two where his voice slipped, but I thought it was actually a GOOD idea to stick to the original arrangement of this song, Kara, you can shut the fuck up now. And did you guys notice that he's mostly stopped doing the diagonal mouth movement? I just noticed that today.

2. Personal choice -- Heartless; wow, that was brave. I didn't get into it at first, but I was definitely digging it once he got started on the guitar, and I was really impressed by the time he was finished. THAT was about making music rather than showing off. That was great. I'm glad the judges praised him, because they could just as easily have buried him.


1. Simon's Pick Which He Had to Clear With Bono -- One; I loved the beginning and end but thought he got a little bit screechy in the middle there. Definitely not a case of surpassing the original, but he is still the best of the three. Simon says it'll be one of the biggest upsets in Idol history if Adam doesn't make it through into next week, and I agree.

2. Personal choice -- Cryin'; and this was bound to happen, ladies and gents; this was one time I did not like Adam at all. It's not because I thought it was worse than the original or whatever (and I LOVE the original) but I just did not dig that performance; I didn't think it was as genuine as his usual performances. It was like a little boy playing dress-up rather than an artist making a song his own. The judges loved it, though, and I'm sure the voters will too.
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