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AI Season 8 - Final Performances

Ryan: It's the Acoustic Rocker vs the Glam Rocker! Conway vs California! The Guy Next Door vs the GuyLiner!
f: GuyLiner? GUYLINER? WTAF, Ryan. You're worse than Bill O'Reilly with his "vote Christian in American Idol" schtick, for srs.
Ryan: Tomorrow's results show, btw? We totally plan on running over. So set your DDR appropriately.
f: It's DVR, doofus.

Adam: I was super noisy as a baby. >.>
f: Man, I would have hated you.
Adam: My favourite performance this season was Mad World. And I will now sing it. In fog. Wearing a long coat.
f: Smart boy.
Randy: It's like you're from Twilight!
f: That's not a compliment. D:

Kris: My parents used to give me money to sing for them.
f: Lucky sod. My parents only gave me money if I got good grades.
Kris: I chose Ain't No Sunshine as my personal pick. And also the piano. And a really broody face!
Kara: If you can't feel a Kris Allen performance, there's something wrong with you.
f: Shoulda done Heartless. But don't listen to me. There's something wrong with me!

Adam: Simon Fuller picked Change is Gonna Come for me. I thought I would trot out my shiny suit for this occasion. You know, the one I originally sang Mad World in. >.>
f: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I don't see how Kris can top that.

Kris: Simon Fuller chose What's Going On for me. Also, my diagonal mouth movements are back.
Judges: We're divided on this one. You were either awesomely current or too light for this stage. Ask us later.
f: That just didn't work for me. You can't sing "don't punish me with brutality" with a half-smile on your face, dude.

Adam: Kara co-wrote this song, which basically means it is not a song that'll make me sound good. But I'll do my best.
Randy: I didn't like it.
Rest of the Judges: Shut up, Randy.
f: Huh. I'd... listen to that again. Performed like that? Yeah. I would. >.>

Kris: I'm singing No Boundaries -- you know, the song Adam just nailed? I bet you're all thrilled. Why'd I choose to go second again? >.>
Judges: We won't mention that you forgot the words.
f: Well, this song is definitely better suited for his style and voice, but he kinda went off pitch a lot. And forgot the words.

So there we go -- last performance show of the season. I... actually don't care who wins tomorrow. Adam is my favourite, but he doesn't need to win. \:D/

At any rate, I'm not going to watch tomorrow's finale all the way through; I'll just tune in near the end when they announce the winner. So this was the last recap from me for this season -- thanks for reading! :D
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