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Bleach 358

King of the Clouds

It's the dreaded column of super-attack fallout! With a splash! Oh, Bleach. <33333

So Halibel throws a shitload of water on Hitsugaya. That's not very smart, since he can just freeze it -- and there doesn't seem to be a limit to his freezing abilities, either; the amount of water doesn't seem to matter. It's like ho-hum, what's that, a tsunami? STOP! HYŌRINMARU TIME!

But what is that weirdly-named attack he used? Like, the last panel says "Hitsugaya's never-before-seen power!" (Hyōten Hyakkasō). But we've never seen Gunchō Tsurara either. >.>

Halibel: still hot.

LMAO oh Ōmaeda. "Barragan is more dangerous than Aizen!1" He is so cute. *pinches his cheeks* And it's so adorable how he seems to think Soi Fon is basically a measure of all that is strong in Soul Society -- if she's been hit, it's useless to keep trying to escape Barragan's attacks. It's kind of adorable, okay. Especially since a part of me kind of agrees with him because omfg Soi Fon so badass. Also, Soi Fon is hot. AND SHE HAS A PLAN! I WANT TO KNOW HER PLAN OMG.

And UGH Hitsugaya is too cool. See, now I get the fangirling. >.> And we've now seen two special attacks from Hitsugaya, one of which (Hyōten Hyakkasō) can be used in both shikai and bankai mode -- I wonder how those fit into the fighting system; are they something that you learn as you continue to train or does a zanpakutō just randomly reveal cool attacks to its user? Inquiring miiiiiiiiiinds. :D
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