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Online Security and You

As many of you are probably aware, sarahtales's LiveJournal was broken into early this morning. Whether it was someone with a grudge or one of the Russian poetry crackers who also got shoebox_project is *generally* irrelevant. The SBP crack exploited a hole in LJ's security -- if there had ever been a Hotmail account associated with your LJ, it was once possible to get the journal password sent to that account (or any other previous e-mail account) and reassign ownership of the journal to it. LJ now allows users to remove any and all e-mail addresses used in the past, including the one used to create the journal (this wasn't possible before the attacks, of which SBP was but one victim).

If you're infosec-savvy, this post will make you curse and mutter under your breath, because it is filled with oversimplifications. These are deliberate, because this post is not for you; you don't need it. :P This post is intended for people who have a vague, passing, or very casual acquaintance with keeping your digital shit secure.

Also, you guys are going to kill me, but I'm totally flaking on the rant meme. I just don't have any rage left! I tried. Comments are off here because this is a DW-pointer, but please take the poll below to tell me what I should to to atone for this sin.

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