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Bleach 363

Superchunky from Hell

...Superchunky? >.>

OMG CHAD *______________________________* TBH I was hoping this colour spread meant we would be back in Hueco Mundo with Ichigo, but I'm only a little disappointed, considering this week's development. :D Plus I think the Chad spread means that we'll see him soon. YAY.

Oooooh, so Ukitake did fire a Cero, only it's not one he produced, but the one he'd absorbed from Lilynette earlier (I assume -- or maybe Sōgyo no Kotowari can somehow store Ceros?) But again, I am distracted from meta by the OMG EPIC CUTE that is Ukitake and Kyouraku. :3 Ukitake is there to jealously guard Kyōraku's innocence bankai, because nobody else is allowed to see it! <3 <3 <3

Stark and Lilynette are adorable. I find myself hoping they don't die. >.>

And of course Kyōraku isn't going to let his boyfriend Ukitake get shot by a thousand Ceros; he'll even be sneaky to do it! XD I do find it interesting that Stark seems annoyed by Kyōraku's sneak attack -- is he annoyed because he genuinely expected "better" of Kyōraku, or is he annoyed because the fight is taking longer than he'd planned/wanted?

Wonderweiss appears! He wears his sword on his back, just like Ichigo and Hitsugaya; I wonder if that means anything. I guess that thing he brought with him is the Superchunky? Maybe it's a new Hollow type, so we have regular Hollows, Huge Hollows, Menos Grande/Gillian, Adjuchas, Espada, and Mr. Superchunky. Ehehehe. It does look like something merged from a bunch of Gillians -- those Gillian masks are its nails. :O

Hmm, so Wonderweiss can open Garganta (and holy shit that's a huge Garganta -- Yamamoto's Firewall of Doom is tiny compared to it!) -- I wonder if all Espada can. In that case, Ichigo and the others just need to somehow force Yammy to open one up for them. Or maybe Chad will do it! But wait, what number is Wonderweiss? Wiki says unassigned -- I am so curious about him and what he will do! He's the only one created by the Hōguyoku so far, and I can't help but wonder if Aizen's about to get a big surprise... the Hōguyoku was, after all, created by Urahara, and while it's supposed to be just a tool (and not in itself good or evil), Urahara is pretty tricksy. Speaking of which, where on earth IS Urahara? And the Visoreds! AND ICHIGO! ;_;
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