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Azkatraz/San Diego Comic Con

I am off to Azkatraz in just over 24 hours. After that, I am off to San Diego Comic Con. After that, we're having a mini-meet here in Toronto with some peeps from my old corner of the Matrix fandom (holy shit, it's been 10 years since that film was released and dragged me into being an active fandomer rather than Ms Lurky McLurkerson o.o).

My AZ/SDCC schedule is here, and if you want to keep up with my excellent California adventure, I will be using Twitter a lot more than LJ. There will be capslock of glee, photos, and just a little bit of drunkenness, I am thinking. Oh, and cosplay. Yes. Ehehe. >:D

I'm participating in some programming at Azkatraz -- the other formal programming I've listed is stuff I want to go to, but won't mind skipping if something else is going on. Ditto Comic Con -- the only formal programming item that's "can't miss" for me is the Ray Bradbury spotlight. Because he's RAY FUCKING BRADBURY and one of the reasons I began to write.

Ahem, so, anyway, I will be mostly scarce around these here parts for the next 3 weeks (I think the Bleach chapter reactions will go on as usual, but maybe not first thing Friday morning :>) I'll try to do a con report after Az if I can find the time.

In conclusion: EPIC TRIP IS EPIC. Those of you I will see in a day -- can't wait! The return to regularly scheduled programming will happen on August 7th. See ya on the other side. :D
Tags: cons:azkatraz2009, cons:sdcc2009, fandom:matrix
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