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Bleach 366-369

O hai. >.>

[366] The Revenger's High

Hachigen's mask makes him look like a Native American chief, Love looks like an alien from the Alien series (yeah, yeah, it's supposed to be an ogre), and Lisa's mask has a Quincy-ish cross. :D I think we've seen everyone else's masks... except for Rōjūrō maybe? I wonder if there is an actual relationship between personality and type of mask, and if it applies to Arrancar and Vizards alike. Because in Rōjūrō's case, his mask is birdlike (and he uses... music? in some way?), which we've already seen on Avirama.

I wonder why the Gillians have holes in their noses as well as in the middle of their torsos. And they have holes for eyes too! If that's not enough to give you the willies, I don't know what is. >_> I guess when all those Hollows merge to form Gillians, some their holes just sort of hang around as leftovers?

...the Vizards are ridiculously badass. Not that anyone didn't know this. XD But bless Mashiro for calling out every attack. I'm really glad the Soul Society gang appear to be appropriately awed by the Vizards' power -- I guess it's a good thing Byakuya is stuck in Hueco Mundo and can't be all "pish tush, IR Captain Prettyhairz and I am better than u!" I'm thinking that may have annoyed the Vizards (none of whom know Byakuya, since they were exiled back when Ginrei was still 6th division captain) just a tad. >_>

Shinji. ♥_♥

Also, is it just me, or is Aizen suddenly looking prettier? I guess he's impressed by the Vizards too. XD

[367] Your Enemy is My Enemy

Damn you, Tōsen, cockblocking poor Shinji. But Tōsen is... also looking prettier. IT'S TRUE YOU GUYS. HUECO MUNDO IS TOTES A SPA. Byakuya is going to be even more insufferable when he leaves there, bless him. XD

KOMAMURAAAAAA <3333333333333 I love him so much. I also love how Shinji is all "omg doggy-looking dude being too intense for me to handle!1". >.>

Oh, bless. There goes Hitsugaya's snowflake pile. But now Lisa and Hiyori are here to help!

Kensei and Mashiro are so adorable. <3 As are Love and Rōjūrō. "We're superheroes, so they only last 3 minutes", ahahahaha. XD

Wonderweiss still so creepy. >_<


[368] The Fearless Child

I'm glad Hisagi is able to stand, but still, Allon beat him up pretty badly. :\ Aww, he wants to take Tōsen back to Soul Society. Tōsen, however, is an arrogant fucktard, so good luck with that, Hisagi. >_>

Ugh, I hope that's the last we see of Wonderweiss. I find him horribly unpleasant.

AND HOLY CRAP I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE HITSUGAYA VS HIYORI CATFIGHT OMG. It's the first time we see Hitsugaya acting like a kid instead of trying to be all cool and awesomesauce. "YOU'RE SHORTER THAN ME!" Ahahhaahahah. It's doubly hilarious since Hitsugaya and Ed from FMA share the same voice actress, and both have height hang-ups. >_>

...whoa, wait, what? Hachigen and Soi Fon know each other from before? THIS IS SO FASCINATING.

[369] Spit On Your Own God

I was mostly sleep-reading through the first couple of pages, and then something Barragan said made me wake right the fuck up -- kidō was created by the Shinigami? So... it's not at all like magic, drawn from an outside or inside source. Huh.

Also, I think Kubo really likes drawing Barragan. He's had more pagetime in the recent chapters than anyone else.

Hachigen's kidō skills are impressive. If only Tessai could see him now! ;_;

AHAHA RANDOM URAHARA APPEARANCE. I mean, I know he's not there, but the little panel with laughing Urahara made me grin. Also, I think this is the first time Soi Fon directly addresses her attitude towards Urahara (namely that she hates him -- it's okay, bb, we know you're upset he stole your Yoruichi-sama XP). But did Urahara really tell Hachigen about Soi Fon's bankai? How would he know about it, though? He's been exiled, and not really in contact with Soul Society, since a time Soi Fon wasn't even a captain. Might this be a hint that the Vizards' information source is not Urahara after all?

Ahh, so that was how Barragan avoided Soi Fon's bankai. I still want to know how the aging thing works on non-living things, exactly.

Soi Fon wants Hachigen to seal Urahara inside a barrier for one month... tomorrow. Though it's funny and all, this makes me nervous. It sounds like exactly the type of thing that would show up in an ending sequence of manga panels ("and here's Urahara, still trapped in Hachigen's barrier, but he'll come out soon and all will be well"). I DON'T WANT BLEACH TO BE OVER. ;_;

No new chapter next week unless it leaks (in that case, no new chapter the week after). Sigh.
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