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Responses to the Top 5 meme from the other day! I did not list requester names because I am lazy. >.>

Harry Potter

Top 5 sex-related spells I've seen in HP fic.

05. ...
04. ....
03. .....
02. ......
01. Accio clothes!

(I dislike sex-related spells. :P)

Top 5 most clichéd plots you've come across in the HP fandom.

05. Ron and Hermione turn on Harry for being a dirty icky homosexual, and Draco is there to help Harry fuck the pain away.
04. Draco is a Veela and Harry is his mate.
03. Remus and/or Sirius and/or James angsting over That One Night Snape Nearly Died.
02. Harry is an Auror who is investigating a case, and Draco is somehow involved [victim/witness/suspect].
01. Snape: The Tragic Hero's Journey

Top 5 favourite HP rarepair fics.

05. Of Nothing in Particular by kabeyk (Sirius/James; NC-17)
04. Some Girls are Bigger than Others by tarie (Millicent character study with Millicent/Colin, Millicent/Theodore, and Millicent/Draco; PG-13)
03. How Soon is Now? by imadra_blue (Pansy/Hermione; NC-17)
02. The Thousandth Man 'verse by hackthis (I can't pick just one of them. Theodore/Draco; Theodore/Neville; NC-17)
01. The Most Dangerous Star at the Dark Centre of the Universe by xylodemon (Remus/Regulus; R) ♥♥♥


Top 5 Bleach pairings.
I have to split these into slash, femslash, and het, because otherwise it's just not fair. :P I also realised I like A LOT of Bleach pairings. like, a lot more than the 15 below. *facepalm*

05. Ichigo/Inoue
04. Renji/Rukia
03. Urahara/Yoruichi
02. Gin/Matsumoto
01. Ichigo/Rukia

05. Ukitake/Kyouraku
04. Kensei/Hisagi
03. Ichigo/Renji
02. Ichigo/Ishida
01. Byakuya/Renji

05. Unohana/Isane
04. Tatsuki/Inoue
03. Matsumoto/Inoue
02. Rukia/Inoue
01. Yoruichi/Soi Fon

Top 5 Bleach moments (manga or anime).

05. Rukia setting Sode no Shirayuki free [anime only. I REALLY LIKE THIS FILLER; DON'T JUDGE ME. >.>]
04. "We're on Ichigo's side." [manga 365-13]
03. THIS [manga] OMG OTP *____________*
02. "Why didn't you take me with you, Yoruichi-sama?" [manga 159-19 and anime] TEARS.
01. "That's the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo!" [manga ch196-04 and anime] MINE TOO, RUKIA. MINE TOO. T_T

Top 5 zanpakutou.

05. Wabisuke
04. Zabimaru
03. Sode no Shirayuki
02. Senbonzakura
01. Zangetsu


Top 5 reasons to put Gokudera on his knees.

05. Tsuna doing pretty much anything more challenging than breathing.
04. Hibari threatening to kill Tsuna if Gokudera doesn't get on his knees.
03. When Dr. Shamal refuses to reveal where he buys his cologne.
02. Yamamoto needs a blowjob (and probably doesn't know it yet... Gokudera knows best, yes'm).
01. Bianchi.

Top 5 Hibari pairings.

05. Hibari/Ryohei
04. Hibari/adult!I-Pin
03. Hibari/Tsuna
02. Dino/Hibari
01. Hibari/Dino


Top 5 horribly disguised plagiarisms.

05. Any and all stories that start with "Call me [insert name, epithet, or attribute]." There is only one story that begins with "Call me Ishmael." and that story is Moby Dick. Ditto cult book/film/TV quotes (e.g. Princess Bride, A Clockwork Orange) used without attribution. It's not THAT classic, so ffs, yes, you have to cite it.
04. The whatchamacallit Trilogy by what's-her-face.
03. How Opal Mehta got caught.
02. The Inferi lake in HBP is an obvious and lazy rip-off of the Dead Marshes from LotR.
01. The Da Vinci Code.

Top 5 lolcats.
This is a ploy to get me to post more than one lolcat, isn't it. :|






Top 5 sappy things I secretly like that no one would ever suspect melt my heart.
(I refuse to "secretly" like things! Feeling any amount of guilt over things I enjoy [that hurt no one] is so very last century.)

05. Holding hands.
04. Baby animals (not just kittens and fluffy bunnies and puppies; piglets and snakes and gorillas too *_*).
03. Pinkie-swears.
02. Stargazing (or sky-gazing).
01. RIVERS OF BLOOD DRENCHING THE TATTERS OF YOUR DYING SOUL. MWAHAHA! Okay, okay. >.> "One-sided love" stories where the "cold" person turns out to have harboured deep, abiding feelings for the protag all along (but hiding them for any number of reasons). ok ok, and this is clearly what's at the root of the H/D obsession. Shoot me now. XD

Top 5 LJ communities.

05. daily_snitch
04. hitman_reborn
03. soul_society
02. multilingual
01. little_details

Top 5 most ridiculous things I've ever read in any fictional work
[I should note that all of these are books I like (yes, even #01). I couldn't come up with anything from books I disliked, since I never read books I dislike to the end, plus I put them out of mind soon thereafter. And these things are ridiculous only as for me -- I can't pretend they're universally ridiculous ;)]

05. "Harry acted without thinking. Pointing his wand at Travers, he muttered, 'Imperio!' once more." -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [by JK Rowling]

04. "One of the principal functions of a friend is to suffer (in a milder and symbolic form) the punishments that we should like, but are unable to inflict upon our enemies." --Brave New World [by Aldous Huxley]

03. "Words do not express thoughts very well." --Siddhartha [by Hermann Hesse]

02. "Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms." Starship Troopers [by Robert Heinlein]

01. "He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man." --Proverbs 21:17 [by... errr... some misanthrope who hated fun, clearly! :P]

Top 5 albums.

05. Queen - A Kind of Magic. [Friends Will be Friends]
04. Aerosmith - Get a Grip. [Amazing]
03. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP [The Way I Am]
02. Гражданская Оборона - Реанимация (Reanimation) [Коса цивилизаций (The Scythe of Civilisations)]
01. Кино - Звезда по имени Солнце (A Star Called "Sun") [Звезда по имени Солнце (A Star Called "Sun") the anime in the video is unrelated to the band or song, but the video selection is very well-timed!]

General fandom

Top 5 best surprises in a fic

05. Friendship instead of a sexual relationship.
04. Interesting, relevant uses of canon "magic" (in HP, Bleach, and Reborn).
03. Draco not being a walking cliche.
02. Female characters being awesome.
01. Good writing.

Top 5 characters in any fandom that Hibari should bite to death.
This is Hibari.

05. Saruman [LotR]
04. Wonderweiss [Bleach]
03. Byakuran [Reborn]
02. Ulquiorra [Bleach]
01. Snape [HP]

Top 5 things that makes me read a fic/click a link to a fic?

05. Pairings I like.
04. Promise of friendship-fic.
03. Promise of an actual plot (not just a cool/interesting premise).
02. Promise of a character study.
01. Knowing the person in question writes well.

Top 5 con experiences

05. The Dragon*Con parade. [2008]
04. Cosplaying at Comic-Con. [2009]
03. Fandom Town Meetings on and around the Ugly Orange Carpet at Prophecy. [2007]
02. Getting lost in Salem during TWH, amidst unhelpful shopkeepers, on our way to the Queerditch Pub gathering. [2005]
01. The crack panel at Lumos. [2006]

Top 5 most touching or meaningful comments I've received.
This one is tough, because I dislike thinking of comments in terms of "most X" vs "least X"; I consider all comments meaningful simply because it means a lot that someone would take the time to leave one. I mean, I might be thrown by a comment that says "Boots!" or "Check out this C1a1i5!" (as opposed to "Nice!" or "This sucked!") but really it's all good. So here are my (very relative) top 5 *types* of comments, paraphrased.

05. "I'm currently in the middle of reading everything you've ever written."
04. "This story made me fall for [scenario/pairing] all over again."
03. "I don't usually enjoy this scenario/pairing, but I liked it in this story."
02. "I learned something from this/it made me feel something I hadn't felt prior to reading it."
01. "Here are some detailed thoughts on how to improve aspects of this story."

Top 5 cracktastic crossover pairings.

05. Harry Potter [HP] / Arya Stark [from ASOIAF]
04. Ken-chan [Bleach] / Hibari [Reborn]
03. Edward Elric [FMA] / Hitsugaya [Bleach]
02. Ichigo [Bleach] / Hibari [Reborn]
01. Gokudera [Reborn] / Draco [HP]

Top 5 AU concepts.

05. Neville is the Boy Who Lived. [have written]
04. Neo takes the blue pill. [...still writing >.>]
03. Wizards in Soul Society. [writing with JC!]
02. Renji gets assigned to Karakura Town instead of Rukia. [contemplating]
01. Gokudera never went to Japan and ended up in the Millefiore [contemplating]

Top 5 manga.

05. Eyeshield 21 >.>
04. Skip Beat
03. Fullmetal Alchemist
02. Reborn
01. Bleach

Top 5 characters I'd like to cosplay (that I haven't done yet).
I've cosplayed Ukitake from Bleach and Gokudera from Reborn.

05. Hiruma [Eyeshield 21]
04. Renji [Bleach]
03. Squalo [Reborn]
02. Byakuya [Bleach]
01. Hibari [Reborn]

05. Lal Mirch [Reborn]
04. Sode no Shirayuki [Bleach anime... YES, I LIKE HER THAT MUCH, DAMN IT. -_-]
03. Yoruichi [Bleach]
02. Kuukaku [Bleach]
01. Bianchi [Reborn]

Top 5 ridiculous wanks.

05. His wife? A horse.
04. Snapes on an Astral Plane.
03. Your Kink Is Not Okay.
02. I work in a goth club. Bartending. In the dark.
01. Crystalwank.
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