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Bleach 370

After (slowly) reading the chapter in Japanese last night, I kind of felt like the scanlation I opened this morning was an examination result.

...It turns out that knowledge of 700 of the core kanji (as long as there's furigana >.>) + a solid understanding of basic Japanese grammar = ability to muddle through a random chapter of Bleach and have a decent idea of what's being said (not just what's going on, which you can tell from the pictures. :P) PROGRESS, I HAZ MAED SUM. XD

Debating Life from God's Viewpoint

I love how Ōmaeda is all "fatty!" to Hachigen. Pot, kettle. :P Aww, he's all protective of his captain.

Holy shit, Soi Fon's bankai is so powerful that she usually can't do it more than once every three days? Urahara is so fucked. >.>

Yeah, Kubo really loves drawing Barragan. XD

"I am the God of Hueco Mundo" -- I wonder what Aizen has to say about that one, hmm. >:D And plus, they're not in Hueco Mundo but in the human world, so why does Barragan think it makes a difference (especially with Hachi going "eh, technically we're all gods in Soul Society so stfu" later XDDDD)

...and it's all fun and games until somebody loses an arm. Again. Oh, Kubo. XD

It's really clever, having Hachi destroy Barragan using his own power, but what really intrigues me is that Hachi still seems to think of the Vizards as "of Soul Society" -- at least that's what I gather from "in Soul Society, there are no gods [...] we can't understand you [...]". But I may just be seeing things that aren't there. >.>

(and I wonder if this means he's going to back out on locking up Urahara for Soi Fon. >.>)
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