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Kingdom of Hollowes

I wonder about "hollowes" -- I can't see clearly in the scanlation or the raw, but did Kubo actually use the obsolete "ゑ" above the English letters? This is relevant to my interests. >.>

Aaroniero's sun was artificial, but it seems there is in fact a moon in Hueco Mundo! I'm not sure if it had shown up before.

Barragan used to be king with an army that awaited invasion? Interesting, so Hueco Mundo expected to be invaded by the Shinigami? Or is it just referring to the internal strife within HM? Also, Barragan had A Nurse. XD

Now we know an approximate time frame for when Aizen and Co. entered Hueco Mundo and took over Las Noches! They're all wearing their captain's haori at the time, so it was definitely some time after the events in TBTP (i.e. within the last 100 years). I wonder if the timing in any way coincided with Isshin going to the human world and living as a human, hmmmm.

It's interesting that Aizen did not respond when Barragan asked if they were human or Shinigami.

So... Aizen didn't just ice Barragan, despite being laughed at and defied initially. And... he gave Barragan power against Barragan's will? ("I'll make you regret giving me power.") I guess the original Espada were just more experimentation fodder, which was why Aizen didn't just kill those who initially opposed him?

I am glad Barragan's finally dead, despite his claims to haunt Aizen forever (if possible, that could become interesting, ehehehhe). Kubo clearly adored drawing him, but I sort of lost interest after he spent like 6 panels going "INSECTS!!!1" Is it can be Ichigo tiemz nao?
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