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Bleach 372

The Metal Cudgel Flinger

Point form, because I'm too ill for paragraphs:

- Between "Extracting oneself from the rubble is an art" and "We can't do anything until the smoke clears", Kubo is totally making fun of shounen tropes while employing the same. Eheheheh.

- I know Tengumaru is a cudgel, but it looks like a gourd to me.

- Stark is my favourite Espada by far. "Let's just go home and sleep. >.>" XDD

- I wonder what hifuki no kozuchi actually means. >.>

- I remember wondering what guns and a vaguely Western motif had to do with wolves, back when Stark and Lilynette first released. I was like, what wolves? And now I'm like... oh. THESE wolves. XD

*sneeze* *cough* *snif* *moves into a tissue box* ;_;
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