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Bleach 375

UGH, WHY SO AMAZING, ICHIGO. *____________* And Renji. And YUMICHIKA! OMG.

Execution, Extinction

Aw, Stark/Lilynette just wanted friends. ;_; They were so cute. T_T

Um, Kyōraku is kind of amazing. I think it's the second time we see a captain without his haori (the other time was Byakuya in Karakura Town and then in Hueco Mundo). Also, he's kind of badass. And awesome. "A captain can't afford such indulgences." Flail.

Lisa's weapon is quite impressive. I had been looking forward to seeing what she could do with it but then...


WHAT JUST HAPPENED! :O I totally did not expect that. With Aizen taking Halibel out, that leaves just Yammy in HM (and I'm fairly certain that those who are in HM can take care of Yammy, even if they have to attack en masse) -- so what will Aizen do without his Espada? COME ON, NEXT WEEK!
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