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Bleach 381

Words Just Don't Like You

OH MY GOD MAYURI IS GOING TO COME AFTER ICHIGO. OMG BRB NIGHTMARE FOREVER. I wonder if that's blunt foreshadowing for the next arc (AKA The "Mayuri Goes Apeshit and Tries to Kill Everyone" arc) or just Mayuri being Mayuri. I kind of hope there is a villain!Mayuri arc. >.>

[insert pages of Byakuya being STILL THE PRETTIEST]

I think we should rename Unohana to Captain Obvious instead of Captain Mom, because seriously, isn't the whole "Ichigo is the only captain-class not to have seen Aizen's shikai, which makes him the only guy who can attempt fighting Aizen successfully" thing common knowledge? >.>

Still it's nice to see a less smiley side of Unohana -- she's been bringing it out more and more in HM. Kind of makes me keep wondering if HM affects Shinigami in ways we haven't understood yet.

This chapter kind of made me feel like everyone is hiding something important from Ichigo. I don't even know why, but that's the sense I am getting. ;_;



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