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Bleach 382

The United Front *Discordeque Mix

Holy crap, I love Unohana with her Sunny Smile/Threatening Aura trick. It even causes Ichigo to make a funny face *_* Aww and bless him, he's all "omg omg look Captain Mom look how well I can recover!!!" on page 4. AHH SO ADORABLE.

Aha, I was right! Inoue's healing DOES mend the clothes too -- normally. I am really curious if the change in Inoue's healing that's been hinted at several times already now only extends to wounds. I sure hope that Unohana helping Ichigo recover his reiatsu fully isn't going to turn him into Ichi-Thingy against his will or something.

Between the manga and the current filler anime arc, somebody really high up in the Bleach-producing hierarchy must seriously ship Ken-chan/Byakuya because HOLY CRAP. XD All the bickering! Byakuya has definitely been letting his inner surly teenager out more often since arriving in Hueco Mundo -- it's so adorable *_*

AND GAH BYAKUYA STILL THE PRETTIEST. Lower right panel, page 12 UGH my breath caught.

Hahaha, Yammy's pissed. AND OMG IS THAT BYAKUYA AND KEN-CHAN DOUBLE-TEAMING YAMMY? WHILE BICKERING OMFG. I don't ship it particularly, but if this goes on and we get another page 17 or equivalent, I might just. >.> "I'd like to try you out for myself" ehehehee.
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