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Relapse: Refill


Forever - I don't listen to the radio, so this is the first I've heard this one, and snoooooooooooore. Mainstream radio pap. At least until Em steps up and fucking demolishes the entire track. spit true feelings, until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths Damn. Also, LOL Kanye.

Hell Breaks Loose - Em and Dre back-and-forth; I loved the driving beat on this one. And the indigo Winnebago line. xD I do wish they'd do a Guilty Conscience-style track together again, because Em and Dre being all brotherly and shit is nice and all, but Em vs Dre is even better. :D

Buffalo Bill - This is the one with the obligatory Christopher Reeves joke and redneck accent. The beat is hypnotic, and Em is back to his usual crazy cannibal antics; it's like Amityvile on steroids.

Elevator - This track is probably the most old-school of them all -- funny (fuck around and throw a baby at another baby - I loled and loled!) and wistful (my friend Proof) at once, it would have been at home on the Slim Shady LP... Except back then he was going on about being poor, and here he's going on about being so rich it's ridiculous even to him. You guys, he uses "ukulele" with a straight face. And made an Adam Lambert reference! Em even called him Mr. Lambert. OMG. XD

Taking My Ball - Well, it looks like these beats are here to stay, replete with deliberately-fake-yet-unbelievably-racist-Middle-Eastern accent. I suppose I can put up with one track per album, though really I wish he'd cut it out. It was funny the first time for the shock value, but now it's just old; I'd rather have Ken Kaniff back. >:( Shady, drop the magic marker, put the cap on, goddamn, man, are you that much of an asshole? -- Yes. yes, he is. XP

Music Box - This is the creepiest song he's ever done. Easily my favourite off Refill, though it doesn't beat Beautiful or Deja vu. The subject matter is horrifying (but then, I am a Kim and '97 Bonnie and Clyde fan >.>) and the chorus is discordant yet irresistible in a way that only Eminem can make happen.
He's placing hot smouldering charcoals beneath your feet
Now walk on 'em, he's dancing with carcasses cheek to cheek

Drop the Bomb on 'Em - I... correct me if I'm wrong, but THIS IS A GODDAMN UNIVERSAL DISS TRACK. AHAHA. Seriously, he covered all the bases, and I like that he's sounding cocky again; it's been a while. This is my second favourite off this CD, if only for this:
You're gettin' got whether you try to avoid it or not.
Apology not accepted, boy, Detroit is a rock:
We get to beefing, ain't no telling at what point it will stop --
All I got to do is point to the spot.

Overall, it's very listenable, especially if you're a fan -- technically (beats/lyrics) solid, obviously, but not OMG AMAZING. It's also evident that he's done dealing with the baggage he'd unloaded on Relapse. I guess releasing these separately was a conscious marketing choice not just for the label money-grab (as these 7 come packaged with the original Relapse CD) but also to demonstrate that he's moved on now and ready to look forward again. Hopefully next time we'll hear something interesting as opposed to merely shocking or so wrapped in metaphor that the average listener has no clue they're being told something other than what the lyrics say. ;)

In conclusion, is it can be Relapse 2 tiemz nao?
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