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The trope meme! These are apparently fanfic tropes common to all fandoms, and you're supposed to go through the list and check off tropes you've written, so:

Genderswap: No.
Bodyswap: No, but I want to. >:D
Drunk!fic: Yes.
Huddling together for warmth: Yes.
Undercover in a gay bar: No.
Pretending to be married: No.
Secretly a virgin: No.
Amnesia: Yes, lots. :D
Cross-dressing: No.
Forced to share a bed: Kind of?
Aliens made them do it: No.
Wingfic: No.
Mpreg: NO.
Mistakenly assumed to be gay: No.
Let's play truth or dare: Yes, sort of -- it's never actually Truth or Dare, but I have used the party game trope more than once.
Mary Sue fic: As crack, yes.
Aphrodisiacs: Yes.
Curtain fic: No.
Hurt/Comfort: No.
Apocalypse fic: Yes.
Someone has a baby: No.
Baby!fic: ...what.
Telepathic soulbonding: No.
Werewolves mate for life: No.

Hmm. *looks at list, strokes chin* >.> *flees*

Tags: meme

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