not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

what do we have here now

I saw the TVTropes entry for Real Life for the first time today via a link by masakochan.

Awesome But Impractical: Non-reproductive sex.
Awesome Yet Practical: Reproductive sex. Also, fire. And duct tape. Arguably cannabis. Even without all the controversy of the drug properties, the plant has many usages ranging from fuel to health food.

I realise this is supposed to be funny, but it really kind of isn't, when juxtaposed in this way, and especially when cannabis is declared "practical", arguably or not. The single "awesome but impractical" thing they could think of in real life is non-reproductive sex? Really? REALLY? I guess that's why there's no point to gay marriage; those darn homos are just too fucking impractical.

I know TVTropes is ~*ironic*~ and edgy, but this is just not fucking funny. Stick to pop culture, douches. >:(

Yeah, yeah, I know, lol sensitive. Fuck you.
Tags: gay pride, gondor needs no tags, wtf
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