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American Idol Season 9: Los Angeles Auditions

This macro I found today basically sums up my thoughts on pro-choice in a nutshell.

Simon: You're in love with me, Ryan. Admit it.
Ryan: Non sequitur. Notice I don't deny it though!
Avril Lavigne: Oh look I'm wearing a hoodie with little devil horns. Aren't I cute? :D?
f: No.

Tsk-tsk Dude: I have an IQ of 168 and I'm into everything. I carry lipstick with me, and the title of my album will be "Hope".
Simon: No.
Tsk-tsk Dude: Despite my IQ, I am unable to take no for an answer. I shall now proceed to embarass myself horribly while my parents tell the world I rise to the occasion under pressure!
Avril Lavigne: *is pretty much as catty and gross as you'd expect her to be*
Ryan: It wasn't his time to shine.
f: I was waiting for someone to make a joke about his, um, glowing complexion.

Mr Pastor: I impregnated my wife three times. This is obviously what's amazing about me, since the producers had nothing else to say about my background.
Avril: Uh, your lifestyle? So not suited to a pop star, dude.
Simon: It's ok, he's not gonna win this show.

Tom Cruise Jr: I make sandwiches. My nemesis is a musical note. I sound like I'm constipated, and for my final act, I'm actually going to choke!
Simon: Well, that was easy.

Gothy Girl: I have an eight-year-old daughter and I have a raspy punk-rock voice.
Judges: You're a walking cliche, so naturally we're going to let you through.
f: Well, she's pretty hot.

Adam Lambert Copycat: The Real Adam Lambert had a lot of great advice for me!
Judges: Clearly you did not take it.

Katy Perry: *is gross*

Vinyl Shirt: No one is sexually like me. I have no voice and I can't dance!
Judges: We're... gonna pass.
Vinyl Shirt: Pfft, whatever. Katy and Kara totally thought I was sexy.
Katy Perry: *is gross*

Bunch of Rejects: *weep and rend their shirts*
Katy Perry: *is gross*

Grey Hat: I've stayed out of gangs and jail, and I am a dad.
f: Is there a pattern to these amazing feats accomplished by the male contestants, or is it just me? At least he sounds good.
Katy Perry: *is gross*
Kara: Wow, she's so gross I look downright awesome by comparison. Can we keep her?

Ms Pastor: No relation to the dude from before! For one, I do not appear to have any children.
f: Aw, I like her.
Katy Perry: *is gross*

Creepy Longhair Dude: I will sing "I Touch Myself" to Kara and Katy, then hit on Simon. And give Ryan my phone number.
Katy Perry: *is still grosser than this dude*

Curly: My life has been very hard. Now I sell shoes and look forlornly at passing trains.
Katy Perry: *is gross*
f: Okay, I don't like Kara either but Katy Perry needs to GTFO so badly. This show actually made me side with Kara! Wonders will never cease.

Tomorrow, Dallas! So bored. NPH better bring it.
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