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American Idol Season 9: Denver Auditions

Daughtry: I wish they'd let the world forget I was on Idol once...
Posh: Never mind him. I'm back! :D?

Dude Who Looks Nothing Like Jack Black: I look like Jack Black. I pretend this annoys me but it really doesn't. Also I was a victim of kidnapping! My mother is in Maui, except when she's in North Carolina.
Judges: Oh just shut up and go through to Hollywood.

Dude Who Can't Stop Giggling: I'm a nicotine addiction counsellor. Ahaha.
Judges. No. Ahahaha.

Bunch of Rejects: *curse like sailors*

Hippy Dress: Simon, I'll buy you Rogaine.
f: Kind of boring. And yeah, obviously a wig.

Giant Earrings: I host karaoke and sing in a cover band.
Judges: You must be a professional then!
f: She was on-pitch, but I'm not sure if she's even got a voice... I like her though.

Guitar Hero: I sound nasal and am supremely boring. But I'm really good at taking my shirt off.
Kara and Posh: FUCK YEAH.

Orange Floral Dress: This random little girl I brought drew pictures of the judges.
Simon: You're like a... human orange.
Posh and Kara: You look good enough, so you're through.
f: What's with the hippy dresses. Idol is pro-hippy. I disapprove. >:|

Skeevy Dude: I study music composition and I play football!
Judges: Dude, you're really skeevy.
Skeevy Dude: Oh my God. But I'm so marketable!

Orange Shirt: I'm the male Mary J. Blige. My singing is a public service because I am so great. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ack ack ack ack ack. Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Judges: Uh. No.
Orange Shirt: You gotta be kidding me! I'm a great singer!
f: What's with the orange clothing.

Munchkin Voice: I flew here from Firenze through Frankfurt! Because American Idol is Serious Business! Also I sound about 10000 times better when I sing!
Simon: You're a funny little thing, aren't you? :D?
f: I think she was my favourite.

Miracle Child: I want to be the first Black country-pop singer! I sound pretty good, too!
Randy: There are dollar signs in my eyes but I'm playin' it cool.

Bikini Dude: ...
Judges: *leave*
Bikini Dude: Can I have a hug?
f: We were promised nudity. *pickets*

Oh man, I was so very bored. I'm so glad the audition shows are nearly over. I am off to read D.Gray-man 191 (yay!) and watch Bleach 256 (double yay!) while the rest of you watch Lost (anyone got a copy of that Willie Nelson cover of Amazing Grace? >.> ). :D
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