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American Idol Season 9: Hollywood Week - Group Round

Ryan: Welcome back to Hell Week.

The Mighty Rangers: We all auditioned together so clearly we'll be awesome. Even though we have no clue what we're doing.

Neapolitan & Destiny's Wild: We're doing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and we're practising right next to each other. This is a totally good idea with zero potential for tension, and the producers did not make us do this. Nope.

The Dreamers: We're the loser group this year. We can't decide who's a part of our group, and if this were that other stupid reality show about brides, our leader would be Bridezilla.

Team Awesome: We're living up to our name by actually having our shit together and not staying up until stupid o'clock.

Ryan: So, the practising this time around wasn't as embarrassing as last year, but fear not! There's always actual Group Round day...

Team Faith: We're singing Destiny's Child.
Judges: Sure, why not. You're all through.

Team Awesome: Fee-fi-fo-fum!
Judges: Michael Lynch and Tim Urban, you're through.

Team Neapolitan: We totally stole this idea from Team Destiny's Wild.
Simon: A for effort...

Team Destiny's Wild: We're going to up the game by trying to channel Lady Gaga.
Ellen: That was weird.

4 Other Groups: *all go through to the next round*
f: Wow, culling's going to be brutal this year.

Team Phoenix: One of our members bailed in fear of embarrassing herself...
f: I thought if you wanted to avoid embarrassing yourself, you simply didn't try out for Idol...

Team Big Dreams: ...mumblemumblerefrigeratordoor... *spin spin*
Simon: That was terrible.

Team Middle C: We're totally awesome.
Three Men and a Baby: We include Andrew Garcia, so we win by default.

The Dreamers: We sound predictably horrible after all that!
f: Oh, Bridezilla is through. That is going to be either awesome or not. :|

FYI, CTV has the Olympics all day long all through next week, so I'm going to miss next week's shows until they make it online.
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