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American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 Selection

Based on the performances they showed, I liked Angela Martin, Crystal Bowersox, Todrick Hall, Thaddeus Johnson, Tasha Layton, Janell Wheeler, Lilly Scott, and ♥♥♥ Andrew Garcia ♥♥♥.

I was meh about Jermaine Purifory, Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, Mary Powers, Aaron Kelly, Ashley Rodriguez, Lee Dewyze, Haeley Vaughan, and Tori Kelly.

I was not a fan of Jermaine Sellers, Alex Lambert, Michael Lynche, Charity Vance, Lloyd Thomas, Hope Johnson, Shelby Dressel, and Joe Muñoz.

(I bolded the ones who went through after the fact. XD)

Rooms 1 and 3 went through -- not surprising; room 2 had some of the really bad/problematic people. I'm really glad Mary Powers didn't make it -- I was afraid they were going to put her through just for the drama quotient, but they seem to actually be turning the drama queens away this season (see also Jessica Furney, ugh, that was embarrassing to watch). Perhaps Simon wants his last term to be remembered for the talent, not the antics.

Huh, they were delivering the final judgements in the Kodak theatre; that's a first. o.o

Top 12 girls
Didi Benami
Katelyn Epperly
Janell Wheeler
Lacey Brown
Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Michelle Delamor
Haeley Vaughan

Top 12 boys
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Lee Dewyze
Todrick Hall
Tim Urban
Tyler Grady
Alex Lambert
Joe Muñoz
Jermaine Sellers
John Park
♥♥♥ Andrew Garcia ♥♥♥

Betcha can't spot my favourite. >.>

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