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Guess the Song Meme

Stolen from everybody and modified because "however many" is not a precise enough quantity for me. XP

Turn shuffle on in your music player. Write down the first lines of the first 20 songs, no matter how random or embarrassing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me which songs these are if you know them just from the first line! Googling no fair. I'll bold the ones that have been guessed correctly and include the artist/song information.

ETA: I've put in the right answers but didn't bold the ones that weren't guessed! xD

01 - Someone right now leaving their apartment (Fort Minor - Right Now)

02 - I can feel the magic floating in the air (Faith Hill - Breathe)

03 - You say you see what's under me (Scissor Sisters - Kiss You Off)

04 - Oh, oh, oh, [Miss Ann], you're doing something no one can (Little Richard - Miss Ann)

05 - Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind (The Libertines - Music When the Lights Go Out)

06 - My eyes burn naked (Underworld - Sola Sistim)

07 - She was a real royal lady, true patron of the arts (Bright Eyes - Classic Cars)

08 - The horns of [Jericho] (The Prodigy - Jericho)

09 - Looks like it's gonna come down soon (The Dears - Deathrow or Heathrow)

10 - Lay it down, pull my heart to the ground (Roxette - Things Will Never Be the Same)

11 - There's too much silence in her night (Razorlight - Rock 'N' Roll Lies)

12 - Wake up baby, what you in for (Aerosmith - My Fist Your Face)

13 - Do you ever get worried (Keb' Mo' - I'll Be Your Water)

14 - Down down, [down to the underground] (Client - Down to the Underground)

15 - They call me / [Leila K] I mean I take it easy (Leila K - Open Sesame)

16 - They see me rollin' (Chamillionaire - Ridin')

17 - Here we stand or here we fall (Queen - Hammer to Fall)

18 - Kickin' back in the shadows (Guns 'N' Roses - Perfect Crime)

19 - Question: tell me what you think about me (Destiny's Child - Independent Women)

20 - You don't even know me / You don't even care (Ugly Kid Joe - Tomorrow's World)
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