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Bleach 393

The Burnout Inferno

Hitsugaya is now missing his left arm and his left leg at the knee. D: Sometimes I wonder if Kubo is keeping track of these and we're going to have a gag chapter where some new being appears and delivers people's limbs to them, encased in gold and/or silver, as trophies to commemorate their Epic Battles of Yore.

... maybe it won't be a new being at all but Hanatarou. :D

So Yamamoto's intention is to basically make Aizen die in a fire. The twist to the tale appears when it is revealed that Yamamoto intends to ALSO die in a fire. D: All that speculation about Byakuya becoming the new Captain-Commander is suddenly not seeming so far-fetched.

So... Wonderweiss's function was purely to delevel Yamamoto? LOLOLOL. (it's okay, Aizen, all the best gamers micro! XDDDD).

Bets on what will happen next week? The way I see it, the possibilities are as follows:

- Ichigo bring out the ANGRYFACE and wins;
- Yamamoto reveals a Sooper Sekrit Reserve of Power That Wonderweiss Can't Touch;
- The people Aizen said he wouldn't kill rise up and destroy Wonderweiss, enabling Yamamoto to use Ryuujin Jakka again;
- Ken-chan and Byakuya show up and save the day;
- Unohana (about whom everyone seems to have forgotten -- bad idea if you ask me) appears behind Wonderweiss and politely asks him to tea. Wonderweiss immediately stops what he's doing, enabling Yamamoto to pwn Aizen;
- Ryuuken shows up and delivers a speech about how being a Quincy is awesome and ends up in a fight with Gin... while Aizen is thus distracted, Isshin shows up and Ichigo has a nervous breakdown;
- etc...


In other news, I have edited in the answers to the song meme. Also I am watching AI performances tonight (girls from yesterday) and tomorrow (boys from today), then I'll post a week recap tomorrow after the results show. :D
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