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American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 Week

Top 12 Girls

Ellen: Simon's got a thing for me, so I am sitting away from him. And I have proof! On video!
Ryan: ...
Simon: I can TOTALLY explain.

Paige: I will sing All Right Now by Free while sown into my outfit and needing to pee.
f: I was so bored.
Simon: Wrong song.
Kara: You sang a rock song and put your soul in it.
Randy: I agree with Kara and Simon.
Ellen: I agree and disagree with everybody.

Ashley: I chose Happy by Leona Lewis. If that ain't your bag, there's always my skinny jeans.
f: So bored again.
Kara: Leona Lewis is the Mariah Carey of this generation.
Randy: You really don't want to be compared to Leona Lewis, dude.
Ellen: Yeah, what they said. I like your skinny jeans though.
Simon: The arrangement was clumsy and unoriginal.

Janell: What about Love by Heart is my song choice. I'm doing what I do best - light up the stage!~
f: Doesn't rock the skinny jeans as well as Ashley.
Randy: Wrong song, but I like your voice.
Ellen: I liked the song choice but you were off-key sometimes.
Simon: You gave it 100% effort and delivered 65%.
Kara: When you do a song like that, everything distinct about your voice goes away.

Lilly: I brought my guitar so I can perform Fixing a Hole by The Beatles. With a horrible accent.
f: That was so bizarre. But at least I wasn't bored!
Ellen: I totally loved that. See, this is what we mean by "be original".
Simon: The best we've had so far, because you chose a song that reflects you as an artist. Though I'm not feeling much star power from you.
Kara: You come from your heart. You should be busking on the street!
Randy: I like you; your indie vibe is not effected! *dollar signs in eyes*

Katelyn: I also picked a Beatles song, but it's Oh Darling. I sing it with a feather in my hair!
f: This girl's definitely got star power. I mean, she chose a great outfit, her voice really complemented the song despite the screaminess.
Simon: I really like you.
Kara: You know your voice very well. But I don't like your makeover. I know you think I'm a bitch for it, and I don't care! :D
Randy: I like the makeover. And you pay attention to tone, which is awesome. You can go places and do stuff.
Ellen: I couldn't tell if you were working too hard or not. I felt like it was forced, but you have an amazing voice.

Haeley: I'm singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. Is there an echo in the house?
f: ... I only have facial expressions for how horrifying that was: >_< o.O;; -______-
Kara: From a technical standpoint, there were issues with that song. But you clearly had a lot of fun! So you make up for your lack of vocal talent with having fun! Because that's what this competition is all about!
Randy: Yeah, what I love about you is the unpredictability. But you can't do the notes.
Ellen: You are shiny.
Simon: I thought it was verging on terrible. You were like a wind-up doll that never stopped smiling. It was a mess.
Ellen: A hot mess.

Lacey: Fleetwood Mac's Landslide was my choice.
f: *snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooores*
Randy: It's a great song but not for you. It didn't suit your voice at all.
Ellen: Yeah, no. You're better than that.
Simon: I thought it was depressing and couldn't wait for it to be over. It's like you're still trying to work out who you are as an artist, and this is not the right place to do that.
Kara: Yeah that kinda sucked, but I hope America gives you one more shot because I want to hear you sing Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer.
Lacey: I disagree that it was boring. Some songs are just slow!
f: And some people are just stupid! Very sad.

Michelle: I chose Fallin' by Alicia Keys to perform tonight.
f: Sorry, but Ashley looked better in the skinny jeans.
Ellen: That was fantastic, but safe. You could do better!
Simon: You did very well -- close to the original but not as good.
Kara: You're very commercial-looking. You're going for the diva spot, which requires you to be technically immaculate.
Randy: Tough song, and you did a pretty good job, but you gotta take more risks.

Didi: I will sing The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson and try not to cry. It's about Rogaine.
f: Her vibe reminds me of Megan Joy from last year. Only more boring.
Simon: You are a good singer, but you're trying to sound like someone else and the song was dreary.
Kara: I liked the song, and you did make some changes to the song, but it wasn't super great.
Randy: But where's the oomph? The star factor?
Ellen: Wrong song. Too low-key.

Siobhan: I decided to sing Chris Isaak's Wicked Game tonight. With a flower in my hair.
f: Oh finally, someone who isn't super boring! I really enjoyed her performance.
Kara: I really liked that, even if it was a little nasal at times.
Randy: You've got a great voice; you can really blow! But you've gotta reach for bigger things.
Ellen: I liked it so much I forgot this was a singing competition!
Simon: You're a funny little thing, aren't you?

Crystal: I shall perform Hand in my Pocket by Alanis Morisette.
f: That was a letdown. She was one of my favourites out of Hollywood Week but this was kind of predictable. I still like her, obvs, but I wish she'd done something more fun.
Randy: I'm a fan.
Ellen: I'd vote for you.
Simon: There are thousands of you trying to sing Alanis. You should do a David Bowie song.
Kara: You need to be more than a coffee-house performer. You'll be here next year! Er. Tomorrow.

Katie: I chose Michael Bublé's version of Feelin' Good for my first performance.
f: Just awful. This is a really hard song to do, and she just totally failed at making it interesting, and completely copped out on the difficult parts. Also, she can't move on stage.
Ellen: Er, you have a powerful voice, but this was way too conservative. I want to see you be seventeen!
Simon: Yeah, it was like your mum and dad dressed you and gave you this song for this audition.
Kara: I think you couldn't hear yourself. Very pitchy.
Randy: You were pushing so hard that all the notes were going sharp.

Top 12 Boys
Ryan: Simon, you're missing a button on your shirt.
Simon: I've been watching Little House on the Prairie...

Todrick: I shall sing declaim Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.
f: Is he trying to be kicked off in the first round? I really hope that doesn't happen, because he's one of my favourites :( Also, he's kind of incredibly hot.
Ellen: A+ performance, but you get an F for singing.
Randy: You completely murdered the original song. In a bad way.
Kara: Yeah, you need to change the arrangement by taking it to another place.
Simon: You came over as a dancer trying to sing, and it was verging on stupid.

Aaron: I chose Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts for this performance.
f: Bored now. He's this year's Archuleta, ugh.
Simon: It was a good performance, but you look like you're embarrassed to be on that stage.
Kara: You're my favourite kind of contestant, because you have no idea how great you are!
Randy: I'm a big fan.
Ellen: I think you're going to be here a long time.

Jermaine: I'm singing Get Here by Anita Baker. In a jaunty hat.
f: Boring and off-key. What's with this season? D:
Ellen: I love your look. The singing, not so much.
Randy: I like the jacket, but you tried to do too much vocally with the song.
Kara: I think you wanted to show everybody what you can do, bottom of your range to the top. But it wasn't meaningful. Or special.
Simon: It was over the top, and I think you've blown your opportunity.

Tim: I didn't make it on the top 24 originally but some other dude who made it broke the confidentiality agreement, so here I am! I totally trolled my friends and family with it, too. Oh, One Republic's Apologise is my song choice.
f: They should have asked Thaddeus to come back.
Simon: We really should have asked Thaddeus to come back.
Kara: The music overpowered you.
Randy: Wrong song, bad arrangement; none of it worked.
Ellen: It's smart to choose a song people like, but not when you can't sing it.

Joe: I am performing You and I Both by Jason Mraz. In a scarf. Very quietly.
f: He really picked it up near the end, and he looks good on stage, but eh.
Ellen: Great stage presence, and I thought you sounded good.
Randy: I think you did a good job.
Kara: Best singing so far. Which isn't saying much, considering the previous performances.
Simon: I don't believe you are a star.

Tyler: I picked American Woman. Also I really want to be Jim Morrison.
f: When he wasn't screeching, he sounded like he was singing from the inside of a barrel. Arrr.
Simon: People are going to remember that performance, but for the wrong reasons.
Kara: Yeah, the 70s schtick isn't going to take you to the top, dude.
Randy: I have no idea. Come back to 2010!
Ellen: You lack charisma.

Lee: I decided to sing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars tonight.
f: That was horrifyingly bad. D: He needs to talk less about what he wants from the audience and find other songs to butcher. D:
Ellen: I thought it was a good song choice for you, except when you were singing it.
Randy: I disagree with E.
Kara: You need something with soul but blues but rock.
Simon: I will now epically troll you all by saying I thought this was the best performance of the night.

John: I'm the guy Shania Twain had a crush on, and this is my proudest moment ever. I'd totally marry Shania if she'd have me. I chose God Bless the Child to perform tonight.
f: I wasn't a big fan of this particular performance or song choice, but I LOVE his voice. *_*
Simon: You've got to have an incredible voice to tackle that song, and you don't have it.
Kara: There was just no connection; it was loungey and sleepy and indulgent.
Randy: It made you feel old.
Ellen: That song's not going to make young girls pick up the phone and vote for you.

Michael: After once again reminding you all that my wife had a baby (which is a totally unique and special thing that doesn't happen every minute of every day to women all over the world), I shall sing This Love by Maroon 5.
f: I enjoyed that a lot, because he's just such a sweet guy... but it wasn't anything special. Also I hope they stop reminding us that omigosh, his wife had a BABY.
Ellen: You have so much personality, it's just bursting out of ya.
Randy: I agree with Ellen.
Kara: We would be more critical of this if everyone else before you didn't suck so badly.
Simon: You were like the support act before the main act. You delivered too little.

Alex: I decided to sing James Morrison's Wonderful World.
f: JFC what is this fuckery? The outfit, the mullet, the singing, the chipmunk!stare into the camera -- dear Kinney. D: D:
Simon: I'm so glad that's over.
Kara: I feel like you need a hug. So I'll tell you you sound like Morrison.
Randy: You've got a great tone, but you need to pull it together.
Ellen: You're like an unripe banana. I like the mullet though.

Casey: I and my guitar will perform Heaven by Bryan Adams.
f: I do not feel that this is a song you sing with a smug smile on your face. I feel really bad for him for all the focus on his looks, not least because he's not even that good-looking!
Kara: I don't recognise you with your shirt on.
Ellen: It was hard for me to hear you because Kara was undressing you with her eyes.
Randy: I like you. Not in that way.
Simon: This was the best performance from you since you've been in the competition.

Andrew: Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy is my song choice.
f: ♥♥♥ Talk about saving the best for last. ♥♥♥
Simon: I was looking forward to your performance more than anyone, but I was disappointed. You didn't take enough of a risk.
Kara: That was a really strange rendition of that song. You took too much of a risk.
Randy: Simon and Kara are both right. Strange arrangement, but I like you!
Ellen: You need to smile more!
f: BLAH BLAH WHATEVER JUDGES HE'S MY FAVOURITE *________________* *is utterly bereft of reason when it comes to this guy*

The Results

Ryan: Over 24 million votes! Simon, people say you were harsher than usual.
Simon: I disagree. They just sucked more than usual.
Ellen: I was surprised that I liked bananas.

Groupsing: *sucks as usual*
f: There are way too many of them up on that stage. D:

Ryan: Siobhan, Haeley, Katelyn, Michelle, and Katie -- you're all safe. Janell, you're going home.
f: Janell was actually better tonight that on Tuesday.

Allison Iraheta: I bet you all feel like total jerks for voting me off last year. :D

Ryan: Paige, Lacey, Lilly, Crystal, and Didi -- you're all safe. Ashley, you're going home.
f: Ashley and Didi were both equally boring, but I think Ashley's got the better voice.

Ryan: Big Mike, John, Aaron, Todrick, and Tim -- you're all safe. Joe, you're going home.
f: I love how surprised Tim looked. Though I really disagree with America on this one. Joe should have gone through based on the singing.

Kris Allen: O hai. Donate to Haiti plz.
f: If he'd have sung like this last season, he would have been my favourite. :D *donates to Haiti*

Ryan: Casey, Jermaine, Lee, ♥♥♥Andrew♥♥♥ and Alex -- you're all safe. Tyler, you're going home.
f: Unsurprised, but I would have sent Alex home.

This season? Seriously underwhelming. Better step it up. :|
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