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American Idol Season 9 - Top 20 - Results

Ryan: What four will be leaving tonight? Get it? What for? Nevermind. It's OVER 27 MILLION!
Simon: I got something wrong last night. And no, it wasn't when I said "misunderestimated".
Ellen: When I squint, a piano looks like a giant guitar.

Groupsing: *is horrifying*

Ryan: Tim, Big Mike, Casey, Todrick -- you are safe. John, your a cappella group is getting you back just like Simon said.
f: Shoulda sent Tim. I don't know how that guy is surviving.

Ryan: Lee, Aaron, Alex, ♥♥♥Andrew♥♥♥ -- you are safe. Jermaine, you're going home.
f: CRYING RYAN WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ANDREW T_T. Ahem. Anyway, I've been waiting for Jermaine to be gone since last week. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, JERMAINE? XD

Danny: What up, America? I'm still gross.

Ryan: Lilly, Paige, Katie, Didi -- you are safe. Michelle, it's the end of the road.
f: America, what drugs were you on? Katie and Didi go through while Michelle goes home? Fail.

Ryan: Katelyn, Crystal, Siobhan, Lacey -- you are safe. Haeley, time to go.
f: Well, at least that was predictable -- she was definitely the weakest out of that group., everyone voted off is a person of colour. What.
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