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American Idol Season 9 - Top 16 - Boys

Ryan: Hey Simon, why are you and Kara so close together?
Kara: Separation anxiety.
Ryan: So Kara is Simon's binky.
f: ...

Lee: Fireflies by Owl City.
f: Not bad at all!
Randy: You worked it out, man.
Ellen: A lot of people have crushes on you.
Kara: You look confident tonight.
Simon: Nothing to rave about, but pretty darn good.

Alex: Ray LaMontagne's Trouble.
f: Well, I suppose every season of Idol needs to have a nasal-voiced dude...
Randy: I felt like you could've done more with it.
Ellen: You're becoming a mushy banana. Just don't be a cocky banana.
Kara: Well, I think you are still stiff.
Simon: You gotta get yourself mentally somewhere else. Imagine Randy in a bikini.

Tim: Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley's version.
f: He started out okay, but the end was a bit of a mess.
Randy: You walked in some pretty big shoes and I think you did a pretty good job.
Ellen: That was FANTASTIC! *leaves the judges' table and gives him a great big hug*
Kara: You've just catapulted yourself to the top of the boys right now!
Simon: I feel responsible for you doing well tonight.

Andrew: Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle.
f: It was okay. I am starting to think he's not gonna top Straight Up.
Randy: Didn't quite work for me.
Ellen: The genie came out of the bottle too late.
Kara: You were fighting with the rhythm of the guitar.
Simon: It was a little bit desperate.

Casey: You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban.
f: Oh wow, I loved that a lot. He sounded fantastic and so, so sincere.
Randy: Too safe.
Ellen: I thought it was great.
Kara: I'm kinda back on the Casey train, but I'm missing that spark.
Simon: This was your second best.

Aaron: Lonestar's I'm Already There.
f: Why the hell is this twerp singing about being a daddy? Kinney on a stick. Shut up, Simon.
Randy: Job well done.
Ellen: I love you, but that song was too much for you.
Kara: That song is not relevant to your life.
Simon: It wasn't a great vocal, but I could tell you were trying hard.

Todrick: Somebody to Love by Queen.
f: Wrong register for that song. Just. No. A good performance, but I would have picked Hammer to Fall for his voice and style, if it had to be Queen.
Randy: Todrick is back! One of the best vocals all night.
Ellen: That was like Glee!
Kara: There were moments when I didn't know whether to laugh at it or love it. But the singing was good.
Simon: That was American Idol: The Musical doing Queen. But it was a good song choice and this may have saved you.

Big Mike: Maxwell's This Woman's Work.
f: I didn't get it. I mean, he sounded fantastic, but I wasn't, like. Weeping. Maybe I should have been looking at the screen? My neck hurts though. >.>
Randy: Really? Really really? I gotta give it to you, dawg, that was crazy.
Ellen: That was so beautiful.
Kara: *cries*
Simon: Best performance of all the live shows so far.

Pleh. Still no Bleach. :(
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