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Bleach 395

The Burnout Inferno 3

I'm a bit confused about the wording in this chapter tbh, when Aizen talks about Wonderweiss as "a single soul". Wasn't the idea of Arrancar as a class of Hollow that they absorbed other Hollows in order to gain more power? I mean, I get that they theoretically coalesce into one soul that carries on the powers of the other souls, but wouldn't that just, IDK, throw the whole "balance between worlds" thing into more chaos? The Shinigami don't kill Hollows; they purify them to release the Wholes/pluses that have become corrupted and let them go to Soul Society. But when a bunch of Hollows merge into an Arrancar, creating one soul, it seems that it becomes impossible to purify the Arrancar to release all the souls, since it is now a single soul.

The Arrancar we've seen die did not seem to be sent back to Soul Society or anything like that; they just disintegrated with, if they were important enough, a final flashback of their Arrancar lives. There seems no indication that the souls held within the Arrancar were released piece-by-piece (or, indeed, that it was possible for the absorbed souls to separate ever again). SO HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK? Shouldn't the world (which needs balance) already be destroyed simply by virtue of the very existence of Menos and other higher-class Hollows, who take hundreds if not thousands of souls out of the equation when they eat other Hollows? Argh. I really need to make that flowchart.


Yamamoto is most sincerely badass. IDEFK.


I got nothing else. :D
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