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American Idol Season 9 - Top 16 - Results

Ryan: You were really great last night, Simon.
Simon: I know.

Groupsing: *is made more bearable by Big Mike's antics*

Ryan: Didi, Siobhan, Paige -- you've made it. Katelyn, it's the end of the road for you.
f: Surprised about Paige, given her disastrous performances this week and last, but also glad to see the last of Katelyn.

Ryan: Casey, Tim, Lee -- you've made it. Todrick, you're going home.
f: Aw. :( I will miss his pretty, pretty eyes. Shoulda sent Tim. >_>

Scott McIntyre & Matt Giraud: We're actually kind of cute with the two pianos and matchy leather jackets. Also, this is a stark reminder of how much more talented the Top 12 was last year.
f: That was actually fun. :3 Matt's onstage persona in particular has improved so much.

Ryan: Crystal, Michael, Lacey, Aaron, ♥♥♥Andrew♥♥♥, and Katie -- you've made it. Alex and Lilly, you're done.
f: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, AMERICA? And it should have been Aaron, not Alex. Ugh.

Also, I gotta say I was really turned off by Crystal's attitude. Dude, I get that she's upset that people she likes/bonded with are leaving the show, but people out there voted her into the top 12, so she could at least fucking smile for them when Ryan announced that she made it. Ugh. There's being yourself, and there's being a special snowflake on national TV.

Worst. Top 12. Ever. D: Worst season ever, too -- I'm more interested in seeing the people I hate going home than I'm interested in seeing someone win.
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