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American Idol Season 9 - Top 12 (Rolling Stones)

Ryan: Tonight, these guys shall butcher the Stones. Aren't you all excited? :D?

Big Mike: My wife gave birth! I will sing Miss You.
f: Meh.
Randy: You slayed it!
Ellen: Amazing way to start the night!
Kara: You were hot.
Simon: The dancing was kind of corny.

Didi: I am the middle child! I will sing Play with Fire.
f: Eh.
Randy: One of your best performances ever.
Ellen: You made the word "fire" two syllables. I thought it was grrr-eat.
Kara: You're moving towards who you are as an artist.
Simon: Solid, not brilliant.

Casey: My whole family sings, and I'm the least talented out of all of 'em. I'm singing It's All Over Now.
f: Feh.
Randy: I loved it.
Ellen: I thought it was fantastic, even though I'm a lesbian blond.
Kara: You're a rock star. I can see your soul.
Simon: That was like an audition performance.

Lacey: My life is boring. I'm singing Ruby Tuesday.
f: Bleh.
Randy: That was interesting.
Ellen: It was sleepy.
Kara: You can do better.
Simon: Stop overthinking.

Andrew: I am just like my dad. I'm singing Gimme Shelter.
f: More than okay, not quite good.
Randy: Pitchy everywhere.
Ellen: Your best performance yet.
Kara: I wasn't feeling it.
Simon: I'm all conflicted about you.

Katie: I chose Wild Horses because I liked the lyrics.
f: Ugh.
Randy: A very strong performance.
Ellen: You sounded good once you got into it.
Kara: Better than last week.
Simon: Well done. But Susan Boyle is better than you.

Tim: My mother used to dress me up as a girl. I'm singing Under my Thumb.
f: Grargh.
Randy: I didn't get it.
Ellen: Yeah, no.
Kara: Whut.
Simon: It just didn't work.

Siobhan: My whole family is artsy. I'm singing Paint It Black.
f: Awesome.
Randy: That was hot!
Ellen: I loved it all!
Kara: I'm having flashbacks of Adam Lambert.
Simon: The standout performance of the night.

Lee: I used to be shy. I am singing Beast of Burden.
f: Pleh.
Randy: I thought it was dope.
Ellen: I was expecting more from you.
Kara: You are growing faster than anyone.
Simon: You are just not shiny enough.

Paige: I look exactly like my mother. I'm singing Honky Tonk Woman.
f: Not bad.
Randy: You kinda pulled it off.
Ellen: You have a great stage presence.
Kara: You attempted to do a lot with that song.
Simon: Considering you have laryngitis, this was great.

Aaron: I am adopted. I'm singing Angie.
f: Ew.
Randy: You were born to sing, dude.
Ellen: You copied my hair.
Kara: It's time for my weekly Paula imitation!
Simon: You sang the song within the limits of your vocals, so it worked.

Crystal: I love my daddy. I'm singing You Can't Always Get What You Want.
f: Cool.
Randy: Wasn't my favourite performance, but you didn't disappoint.
Ellen: Stop thinking! No one should think. Remember that, kids.
Kara: You're easy to watch.
Simon: Siobhan was better.

brb passing out from bored.
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