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American Idol Season 9 - Top 12 Results

f: Zzzzz
Ryan: Oh, come on. Look at the pretty green lights!
f: Merghle. Wha--?
Simon: Stop eyeballing me.
Ryan: But I love it...
Simon: Remember the judges' save? It's back this year...

David Cook: I bet you all miss me a lot.
f: Yeah, we kinda do. Even if we can't hear you over the music. >.>

Groupsing: *doesn't happen*
f: YAY

Ryan: Paige and Tim, you are in the bottom 3.
f: SUSPENSE! And he made Andrew get up again. Why does he do that? D:

Orianthi: Somebody turn down that wind machine.
f: She's cute. Can we put her on the show instead of Katie?

Ryan: And the final person in the bottom 3 is Lacey. But Tim, you can go back to the sofa. Your six-pack has saved you again!

Ke$ha: No, there are no limits to the amount of cultural fail I will engage in on stage! Blah blah blah!
f: Oh look, Miley Cyrus got a dye job.

Ryan: Oh btw, Lacey you are going home! Unless the judges save you.
Judges: No.
f: Yay. Now bring back Lilly.
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