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American Idol Season 9 - Top 11 Results

Groupsing: *is horrible*
f: Didn't they already sing this in groupsing in S7 or S8?

Ryan: So, Casey, how ya feelin?
Casey: Um. Okay. Why do you ask?

Ryan: Siobhan's boss is here in the audience, and he will not shave until she wins. And her friends are gothy and call themselves the Siobombies. Katie, what about your dad?
Katie: My dad hates seeing me lose, so he's getting drunk across the street.

Ryan: Guess what, Big Mike has a baby!
Big Mike: Yeah, last night she discovered our dog!
f: >_<

Ryan: Tim and Paige, you're in the bottom 3.
f: Talk about a no-brainer. Why are those two even here when Lilly isn't?

Miley Cyrus: See, see, I can do the piano thing too! I should totally try out for Idol. Oh, wait.
f: Miley's attitude has improved by miles since last time she was on the show -- I remember her being really obnoxious during Idol Gives Back or something. I guess she's done some growing up! :)

Ryan: And the last person in the bottom 3 is Katie.
f: Really? Between her and Andrew? Wow. Didn't expect that.
Ryan: But it's okay, because Katie's safe anyway.
f: LOL

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas: We're like, so relevant.

Ryan: Well, Paige? Sing for your life!
Simon: Actually, no. Don't bother. We're not using the save on you. See ya!
Paige: It was the laryngitis, wasn't it?
f: *facepalm*
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