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Bleach 401

I am kind of floored by the ~outrage~ over Mangahelpers banning Shueisha raws after the appeal in last week's issue of WSJ. Yeah, legit manga distribution outside of Japan is horrifyingly broken (the Bleach tanks are like 20 volumes behind, and don't even talk to me about Gintama), and I really wish it weren't, but, um, manga is sold for profit. The complaining is kind of like complaining that your local supermarket installed cameras and hired loss prevention staff. Oh noez, they're making it harder for us to steal their stuff! Cry me a fucking river.

At any rate, none of this seems to have delayed this week's scans, so. >.>

Deicide 3

"The true ability of the Hougyoku is to capture and materialise the hearts of everything that exists around it". So from the rest of Aizen's prolonged diatribe, it's basically a semi-sentient wish-granting device (as long as the recipient has the underlying potential to fulfill his or her wishes). o.o omg.

Ahaha, Gin is so hilarious ("did I interrupt your speech of evil, o my captain?") -- it's also interesting that Gin still calls him "captain". And Ichigo and Isshin are so adorable. ("IF YOU WANNA KNOW SO BADLY JUST ASK AIZEN YOU DUMBASS" AHAHAHA) :3 :3

Aizen also claims that the Hougyoku's very creator didn't even understand what it did, and I guess we will find out if that is true, because:

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