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Bleach 402

Deicide 3


Well, I'll be goddamned. I mean, I always knew that Urahara was on a whole 'nother level than pretty much the rest of the cast, but damn. I'm just wondering why Ichigo of all people looks so surprised -- he's battled Urahara before, so. *fans flames of pet theory wherein Ichigo is under Kyouka Suigetsu's spell*

I like that we get an actual full hadou again; it's been a while since someone had to exert any visible effort to cast those. >.>

Is it just me or is Aizen looking prettier and prettier with each new chapter?

Anyway, in summary: Urahara is fucking awesome.

In other Big Three-related news, I've been trying to distract myself from various life-related suckage in recent weeks by trying out longer anime series that I could just marathon (GINTAMA ♥ ♥ ♥) and... I was surprised not to find the Naruto anime as irritating as I found the manga when I'd tried reading it just under 2 years ago. I'm only 13 episodes into Shippuden (I watched the first 135 eps of the original series and skipped the filler) so no spoilers plz. BUT JFC GAARA IS LIKE THE MOST ADORABLE THING IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE I JUST WANT TO SQUISH HIM. T_T And like, nearly every character in the series, male and female, has a total crush on Naruto; it's kind of cute. Especially in the cases of Neji and Hinata. >.>

I guess the only thing that will be left once I'm caught up with Naruto will be for me to go back to reading OP again (I made it to ch100 back in... February, I think, but then things got in the way and I never bothered to go back -- I'm still not entirely sure I should bother: 100 chapters ought to be enough to find at least one character to give a shit about, but, um, no such luck). Maybe if that happens, eventually I'll stop being annoyed when scanlators give priority to OP and Naruto over Bleach, since OP and Naruto would then also be relevant to my interests. Beat 'em, join 'em, etc. >.>
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