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Bleach 407

Deicide 9

Aizen finds the Dangai nostalgic, and so does Gin. I... think I might want to know what they did there that it's so nostalgic. XDDDD I'm sure Aizen was just trying to beat up the Koutotsu. *cough*

But um, now that the "reiatsu train" (ILU Ichigo ♥) is gone doesn't that mean that souls and Hollows can pass through the Dangai willy-nilly (until someone does something about it)? I think this might be something that leads into the next arc, perhaps.

Ooh. Now I'm REALLY curious about Gin's role in all this.

The Edge of Reason, scanlators? Seriously? AHAHAHA. Aizen Sousuke: The Edge of Reason doesn't quite have the same ring as the Bridget Jones version, but I wouldn't mind reading about Aizen's dating misadventures. Maybe that's why he's so evil; poor boy just can't find love! >.>

I-i-is that Ichigo flat-out admitting he can't beat someone in a fight? :O


OMG WHY WHY SO PRETTY WHY D: (Notice that now it's Ichigo telling Isshin to open the senkaimon -- in the last chapter, it was Isshin who told Ichigo to do it. I wonder if Kubo had forgotten about the Hell butterflies at that point.

Wait, there is a powered-up Getsuga Tenshou? Shoulda known. >.>

Is that Asano-san? He looks a lot like Gokudera from Reborn here. HOW WEIRD.
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