not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

things that make me twitch

0001 - The words "sneak peak", unless you are talking about a secretively tiptoeing mountaintop. If you are talking about a furtive glimpse at a person or thing, it's a sneak peek. Especially irritating when used by self-proclaimed writers.

0010 - Allowing intent as an excuse in a fannish fail situation by invoking "the difference between murder and manslaughter". Are you a jackass? It's a crime either way; intent only contributes to the degree of punishment deserved. Worst fucking analogy ever. Plus, in a trufax murder vs manslaughter case, the victim is dead. >_<

0011 - People posting to high-traffic fandom communities with memberships in the thousands and saying stuff like "here's that [fanwork] you've all been waiting for" or "in case you've missed the memo, I like writing [genre]" or "as you all know, I'm partial to [pairing]". Your enormously oversized ego, don't show me it.

0100 - Dismissing someone's opinion because you perceive them to be from the "PC brigade" or "thought police" or some other cute moniker of your choosing for people who speak up out of a sense of obligation/reward-seeking rather than people who actually believe what they say. Yeah, there are people who are super-quick to point out other people's instances of fail just so they can give themselves a cookie. That in itself doesn't erase the problem they're reacting to; their sincerity or lack thereof has nothing to do with what is actually happening. That you're quick to dismiss them on that basis says a whole lot more about you than it does about them.

0101 - Fannish meta that persistently uses the collective "we" to make its arguments. Makes me want to disagree out of principle even if I actually don't. Speak for your own damn self. [Not applicable to phrases like "the rest of us"; I am not sure why, but perhaps because it's heavily context-dependent.]

0110 - Whenever someone whines about how it's impossible for them to ignore the mean things people say about them on the internet. It's not impossible. In fact, it can even be easy -- and for a bonus, if the things being said aren't true, the more you ignore the people who say them, the worse they look.

0111 - Including a source article text in posts and saying it's "for the link-phobic". I am sorry, but aversion to offsite links is usually the product of a security-conscious mindset, not a paralysing fear. Not that it is impossible for there to be persons who are cripplingly, irrationally afraid of hyperlinks, but such people are probably nowhere near HTTP in the first place. This makes me twitch because it serves to trivialise actual phobias, which, for the record, are not a lot of fun.

1000 - Fucking mudkips.

Tags: rant

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